Video depicts a man getting viciously beaten outside of  Elton John concert

Video depicts a man getting viciously beaten outside of  Elton John concert

One assailant has been arrested after knocking out the victim following last week’s Elton John concert in Los Angeles, which was captured on shocking video.

The victim stated that someone struck the side-view mirror of the car where he and his wife were seated as they left the concert.

When he exited the vehicle to inquire about the perpetrator, a woman approached him and claimed responsibility before attempting to touch him.

In the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium, the man on the ground with his hands raised is repeatedly punched by a man wearing a blue shirt.

When the victim is kicked back to the ground after attempting to stand up, a second assailant in a black shirt appears and lands a violent blow to the face, knocking the man unconscious.

Before attempting to charge a bystander and steal his phone, the man in the black shirt even throws a female companion out of the way in order to land a punch.

While the identities of the two attackers remain unknown, one suspect has been arrested in connection with the assault.

The victims are also unidentified, but they have told KCAL9 about the terrifying attack.

The next thing I know, a large gorilla is charging me. This man was assaulting me. The victim stated to KABC-TV, “I fought back, but I do not believe I did anything.”

At this point, the main in the blue shirt approached him and began punching him, prompting the victim to defend himself.

Approximately at this point in the video, the man stated, “The next thing I know, I see other legs.” People pummeling me. My wife arrived and stated that she was removing people from me.

While it is evident that the man is being thrashed, his wife also endured a painful situation.

She stated that she exited the vehicle when she saw a crowd forming around her husband, but when she attempted to assist, she was pulled by the hair and thrown to the ground.

She added, “I felt like I was struck and tossed, and my head hit the ground, so I passed out.”

Her spouse confirmed this by stating, “She was unconscious on the ground, and so was I.” Nobody came to our aid.

“To leave my husband lying on the floor to die… Who would help him if he suffered a brain damage and was bleeding to death in my absence?’ She queried.

At the conclusion of the film, the two men can be seen escaping while a mob of inquisitive bystanders pursues.

Regarding the incident, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a statement. Los Angeles is home to a variety of entertainment options. It is always terrible when violent incidents mar the public’s perception of safety during such gatherings.

They stated, “The Los Angeles Police Department is dedicated to restoring the public’s sense of safety and seeking justice in this instance and always.”

The gig was part of Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, and Sunday marked the conclusion of his sets at Dodgers Stadium.

On stage with the 75-year-old singer were superstars such as Dua Lipa, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, and Jude Law.

»Video depicts a man getting viciously beaten outside of  Elton John concert«

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