Vatican suppresses Catholic movement, says founder’s ‘revelations’ not supernatural

The movement received formal recognition as a private association of the faithful in 2001. The connected public association of the faithful, Maria Madre della Redenzione, was formed later and recognized by the local Church in 2011.

The Movimento Apostolico spread throughout Italy and had a presence in Switzerland, Germany, the Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Madagascar, India, Benin, and Ecuador.

The Vatican decreed June 10 that Maria Marino’s alleged revelations “are to be considered not of supernatural origin.”

The letter from the Holy See said: “There are no elements such as to attribute a supernatural origin to the alleged phenomena from which the Movement arose, and that, on the contrary, it is possible to arrive at the moral certainty that these are personal experiences of the foundress that cannot be traced back to a supernatural action.”

In the letter, the Vatican also noted serious divisions in Catanzaro-Squillace archdiocese, especially among diocesan priests, caused by the activities of the Movimento Apostolico.

It also said that the founding charism was not original, and the texts, formation, and preaching of the movement were marked by “doctrinal superficiality.”