Validation and Visibility: The Significance of the Evening Standard Art Prize for Artists

Validation and Visibility: The Significance of the Evening Standard Art Prize for Artists

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Judging Panel’s Perspective on the Evening Standard Art Prize


The judging panel for the Evening Standard Art Prize, including ceramicist Bisila Noha, artist Aowen Jin, ES Magazine editor Ben Cobb, Frédéric Malle (an “editeur de parfum”), and gallery CEO Helen Nisbet, shares their insights and expectations for the competition.

The aim is to select artworks that initiate meaningful conversations, stimulate new thoughts and perspectives, and offer aesthetic beauty.

The Importance of Prizes for Artists

Bisila Noha expresses the significance of art prizes as they provide artists with opportunities for exposure to new audiences and potential financial benefits.

Additionally, she acknowledges the value of experience, exhibition opportunities, and artistic development that can arise from winning a prize.

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Noha emphasizes that prizes prompt artists to reflect on their practice and effectively communicate their artistic concepts in an engaging and appealing manner.


The Role of the Jury and the Art Prize Theme

Chaired by culture editor Nancy Durrant, the jury’s responsibility is to select a shortlist of 12 artists whose works will be exhibited in a central London gallery.

The theme for this year’s Evening Standard Art Prize is “a portrait of you,” inviting artists to submit images of a single artwork or a coherent series that celebrates self-expression and the portrayal of individuality and personality through their chosen art form.

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The Benefits of Recognition and Professional Approval

Helen Nisbet, the CEO of Cromwell Place, where the exhibition will take place, highlights the importance of the panel’s approval for artists whose careers may not receive significant visibility through other means.

Being shortlisted or recognized by professionals in the sector can greatly benefit an artist’s career trajectory and provide valuable validation.

Entry Details and Exhibition Process

The Evening Standard Art Prize is open to all artists over the age of 18, with the exception of those who have had a solo exhibition in a public institution.


Artists are required to submit three to five images of their work, along with a brief statement about themselves and their submission.

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The shortlisted artists will have their work displayed at Cromwell Place, and the winner will be announced on September 6.

The deadline for entries is June 15.

In conclusion, the Evening Standard Art Prize offers artists a platform to showcase their work, gain recognition, and engage in meaningful conversations.

The judging panel’s focus on aesthetic appeal and thought-provoking concepts ensures a diverse and captivating selection of artworks.

This competition serves as an opportunity for artists to receive validation, exposure, and potential career advancement.


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