US Air Force Stages Largest-Ever Elephant Walk with 4,000 Airmen and 80 Warplanes

US Air Force Stages Largest-Ever Elephant Walk with 4,000 Airmen and 80 Warplanes

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

The US Air Force recently put on an awe-inspiring display of military might with the biggest “elephant walk” in its history at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas.


This was a powerful show of strength and training by 4,000 airmen alongside 80 aircraft.

An elephant walk is a term that refers to the taxiing of military aircraft in close formation.

The elephant walk came amid heightened tensions with China and Russia, with an American warship sailing through the Taiwan Strait as China continues with its aggressive maneuvers.

This move by the US was a show of strength and solidarity with its partners worldwide.

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The display was aimed at highlighting the importance of Air Force training and America’s partnerships worldwide.

The impressive elephant walk was planned by leaders from the two wings to demonstrate that the US and its allies remain committed to unequalled training as the foundation of combat power.


General Lyle K. Drew, commander of the 82nd Training Wing, said, “The key to airpower is exceptional Airmen, and the key to exceptional Airmen is exceptional training.”

The significance of the elephant walk cannot be understated, as it emphasizes the importance of the Air Force’s role in defense and its commitment to working together with international partners.

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Colonel Brad Orgeron, from the 80th Flying Training Wing, said, “We want our allies to know that we are committed to and value our shared training experience with them, and we want our potential adversaries to know that we are bound together with our friends and partners from the very beginning of our military careers as we train side by side to defend our way of life.”

The military display is a clear warning to China and Russia, who have recently deepened their military ties for the “maintenance of world security.”

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The US is sending a strong message that it is ready to defend its interests and those of its allies.

General Drew added, “Sheppard is like the epicenter of a huge sonic boom that reverberates around the planet as we graduate nearly 65,000 Airmen annually and send them off to deliver combat power all over the world.”

In conclusion, the elephant walk serves as a reminder of the critical role played by the US Air Force in maintaining peace and stability around the world, and the commitment to training and partnership that makes it possible.

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