Urgent call for Australians to work at Australia’s Antarctic bases with salary

Urgent call for Australians to work at Australia’s Antarctic bases with salary

The need for daring Australians to work at Australia’s outposts in the Antarctic is urgent, and the positions offer big wages to those who are ready to endure the cold.

The 12 “expeditioners” that the Australian Antarctic Program is looking for can apply for work as mechanics, communications technicians, cleaners, and kitchen helpers, with salaries ranging from $132,000 to $155,000 annually.

At least six months of work would begin in October at one of five locations in the far south, where the wintertime lows may reach -57C.

At the four bases, all lodging and food are provided for free. Chefs prepare your meals.

An urgent call has gone out for adventurous tradies to work at Australia's Antarctic bases with $63,000 bonuses on top of salaries for putting up with the coldThe 'expeditioners' would start work in October at one of five deep south bases for at least six months, where temperatures can plummet to -57C in the coldest months

The other location is on Macquarie Island, midway between Tasmania and Antarctica, while the other four sites are on bases in Antarctica.

The application deadline is July 10, 2022.

The primary round of hiring for the Antarctica typically occurs in December, although early hiring is taking place due to the million-year ice core study, a significant impending endeavor.

Where the ice is oldest and deepest for drilling, workers will travel 1,200 kilometers inland aboard tractor trains.

All successful applicants must undergo an assessment of their personal qualities and extensive medical and psychological evaluations before deployment.

On top of qualifications and experience, expeditioners should be versatile, proactive, community-minded and flexible, said Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) Organisational Psychologist, Maree Riley.

‘No two days are alike in Antarctica. One day you might be on the station; the next, you could be maintaining infrastructure in the field,’ Ms Riley said.

All successful applicants are required to undergo an assessment of their personal qualities as well as extensive medical and psychological assessments prior to deploymentOne of the roles being currently recruited is station support staff who get paid $68,000 a year, plus a $63,000 remote bonus. The work involves cleaning, kitchen work and housekeeping

‘This is a great opportunity for specialised mechanics to support Australia’s science and research efforts in Antarctica.

‘Our workshops deal with everything from Hägglunds all-terrain vehicles to traverse tractors responsible for pulling mobile stations deep into the Antarctic continent.’

Mechanics make $77,477 each year in addition to the $63,437 remote incentive.

A mechanical trade, “certificate III MEM or AUR qualification or recognized equivalents such as automobile, diesel or plant mechanic, fitter and turner, or auto electrician,” is required for candidates to the mechanic position. Diesel engine knowledge is essential.

Pay for the position of mechanical supervisor is $92,076 + $63,437.

In her words, communications specialists are “essential to everything we do,” and part of what they do is keep the expeditioners’ connections to their homes in Australia up and running.

Communications technicians get paid $83,375 while the senior communications officer gets $92,076. Both roles get the $63,437 bonus.

One of the main roles being recruited is station mechanical supervisor, who manages the station mechanical section's operationsThey should have expertise with satellite communications equipment and at least an associate’s degree or its equivalent.

Cleaning, kitchen work, food preparation, housekeeping, and stocktaking are all covered by the station support duties, which are paid $68,998 plus the bonus of $63,437.

They must have prior cleaning and cooking expertise.

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