Unveiling the Tragedy: Police’s Failed Search for James Setterington after Fatal Motorbike Crash

Unveiling the Tragedy: Police’s Failed Search for James Setterington after Fatal Motorbike Crash

...By Muyiwa Aderinto for TDPel Media.

Undiscovered Tragedy: A Motorbike Accident Shrouded in Mystery

The body of James Setterington, a young chef who tragically lost his life in a motorbike accident, remained undiscovered by police search teams for five days until a relative stumbled upon his remains.


Despite their efforts to locate James using Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ app and Radio-frequency location, police were unable to find any trace of him until he was found just yards away from the wreckage of his crashed motorbike.

Desperate Search Efforts:

Following James’s reported disappearance, officers utilized modern technology such as the ‘Find My iPhone’ app and Radio-frequency location to track his whereabouts.

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Despite their attempts, they were unable to locate him during their search.

It wasn’t until a loved one discovered his lifeless body just yards from the motorbike wreckage that James’s whereabouts were finally uncovered.

Unanswered Questions:


The exact circumstances surrounding James’s tragic accident remain a mystery. Investigators found no evidence that he had attempted to brake before the collision, and it is unclear why he rode in the manner he did.

The inquest revealed that James had a passion for motorbikes and enjoyed tinkering with them himself. He was described as someone who kept to himself but was not withdrawn.

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Coroner’s Conclusion:

After considering the evidence presented, Coroner Stephen Eccleson concluded that James Setterington’s death was the result of a road traffic collision.

He acknowledged the puzzling nature of the circumstances and expressed that the reasons behind James’s riding behavior may never be fully understood.

The coroner determined that James had driven his motorbike without deviation into the roundabout, resulting in catastrophic injuries that led to his immediate death.

Commentary: The tragic case of James Setterington highlights the challenges faced by police in locating missing individuals, even with the assistance of modern tracking technology.

Despite their efforts, it took the intuition of a loved one to discover James’s remains just yards away from the crash site.

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The unanswered questions surrounding the accident serve as a reminder of the unpredictability and complexity of road traffic incidents.

The loss of a young life is always a devastating event, leaving grieving families searching for answers and closure.

The investigation and subsequent inquest shed light on the need for continued efforts to improve road safety and raise awareness about responsible driving practices.

It is a sobering reminder for all road users to prioritize safety and vigilance to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.


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