Unsettling footage shows a woman’s “horrendous” roller coaster injuries

Unsettling footage shows a woman’s “horrendous” roller coaster injuries

Unsettling video documents the moment a young woman was hit by a roller coaster and suffered “horrendous” wounds.

After being struck by the Rebel Coaster at the Melbourne Royal Show on Sunday, Shylah Rodden, 26, is still in intensive care.

Ms. Rodden is seen being struck by the roller coaster and being dragged nine meters up the start of a loop in new video of the incident, which Daily Mail Australia has chosen not to share in full.

The ride opened on Tuesday, just a few days later, in a move that Ms. Rodden’s family has criticized as “shameful.”

Police assert that Ms. Rodden entered the high-speed ride’s tracks in order to retrieve a cell phone.

Caisha Rodden, her distraught sister, told Daily Mail Australia that her family is still unaware of the full extent of Ms. Rodden’s injuries.

At this point, she said, “we don’t know (the) possibilities and chances.”

The ride was deemed safe by WorkSafe following an inspection, according to show spokeswoman Katie Scanlan, and could reopen as early as Tuesday.

She stated in a statement that “the safety and well-being of our visitors to the show continues to be our number one priority.”

According to Victorian WorkSafe regulations, strict safety protocols are upheld. All rides at the venue have passed all necessary safety inspections and have undergone rigorous compliance inspections.

Regarding whether new safety measures have been implemented as a result of Ms. Rodden’s accident, show management declined to comment.

Up until Sunday, the Melbourne Royal Show will be accessible.

More online slander directed at Ms. Rodden followed news of the ride’s reopening.

They have no one else to blame but the injured woman.” She made the decision to attempt to find it while the ride was still going,’ one commenter remarked.

Therefore, it ought to be opened again; otherwise, why would you attempt to grab your phone when the coaster was in operation? Another lady commented, “Silly error by the girl.”

Online rumors, according to Caisha, are making her family’s already painful adjustment to the tragedy even worse.

Untruths about the accident have definitely surfaced, which is unfortunate and is making our family’s situation worse, she added.

We won’t learn more about Shylah’s health until later today since we’ll be speaking with police and providing some eyewitness testimony.

How Shylah was struck remains a mystery, according to her father Alan Rodden.

There are many rumors floating about, and he remarked, “I don’t know if one is accurate or if someone is trying to hide their tracks.”

On Monday, police said the roller coaster was moving at 70 km/h when Ms. Rodden was struck.

Families were horrified as paramedics treated her major face injuries on the spot before bringing her to the hospital.

According to Mr. Rodden, his daughter had sustained wounds that would alter her life.

I can’t speak to my daughter, of course. She would likely remain unconscious for some time, he said.

The wounds are horrifying. Horrific. She has a brain injury. Its pelvis, her arms, legs, back, and neck are all broken. Almost everything is broken. I just don’t understand how such extensive harm could have been caused.

Even the doctors have admitted that they haven’t seen anything this bad in a while.

At the time of the collision, according to Caisha, her sister was working at the Melbourne Royal Show.

Shylah was in fact employed there. She was sent on her break with another employee and they decided to go on a few rides to pass the time, and this unfortunate thing happened,’ she said. She was helping out her friend at her stall for the day.

After Ms. Rodden was struck, the ride was abruptly stopped, leaving riders for several hours at the top.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is urged to contact police.

»Unsettling footage shows a woman’s “horrendous” roller coaster injuries«

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