Unrest in Cardiff: Tragic Deaths of Teenagers Spark Violent Riots and Social Media Rumors

Unrest in Cardiff: Tragic Deaths of Teenagers Spark Violent Riots and Social Media Rumors

...By Muyiwa Aderinto for TDPel Media.

Cardiff Riots Erupt after Tragic E-Scooter Collision: Unrest and Misinformation Surrounding Teenagers’ Deaths

Violence erupted in Cardiff following a collision involving two teenage boys on electric bikes, leading to their tragic deaths.


Best friends Kyrees Sullivan, 15, and Harvey Evans, 16, were struck by a bus in the suburb of Ely, sparking riots fueled by false social media rumors of a police chase.

Riot officers were deployed to quell the disturbances, while residents describe scenes reminiscent of a “warzone” with overturned and torched vehicles.

As investigations into the collision and the subsequent unrest continue, friends of the boys have shed light on their love for motorbikes and alleged incidents involving a local police officer.

 Tragedy Strikes and Rumors Fly

The collision between the two teenagers and a bus occurred on Snowden Road, resulting in their untimely deaths.

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However, social media rumors circulating false information of a police chase contributed to the outbreak of violence.


Riot officers were dispatched as residents reported overturned vehicles, fires, and projectiles being hurled at the police.

The tragic loss of two young lives has escalated into a chaotic situation fueled by misinformation.

The spread of rumors on social media highlights the speed at which false narratives can ignite unrest.

The impact of such incidents on the local community and the families affected is profound, with concerns about the violence overshadowing the tragic circumstances surrounding the collision.

Allegations and Past Incidents

Friends of Kyrees and Harvey claim that the boys had been targeted by a specific local police officer in the past, raising questions about the relationship between the teens and law enforcement.

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They describe the boys as enthusiasts of off-road motorbikes and state that electric bikes were their chosen mode of transport on the roads.

The legality of these bikes is questioned, but friends emphasize that they were simply enjoying themselves and not causing harm.


The allegations of prior incidents and targeted actions by a police officer add another layer to the complex situation.

The perceived mistreatment may have contributed to the tensions between the teenagers and law enforcement, further exacerbating the atmosphere surrounding the collision and subsequent riots.

These claims underscore the need for a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the boys’ deaths and the factors that led to the outbreak of violence.

As investigations into the collision and the riots continue, Cardiff residents and authorities are left grappling with the aftermath of a tragic event.

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The loss of two young lives has given rise to a wave of violence and unrest, fueled by misinformation and underlying tensions.

The focus now turns to understanding the events that unfolded and finding ways to foster calm and cooperation within the community.

Commentary: The riots and the tragic deaths of Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans have shaken the community of Cardiff, leaving residents seeking answers and grappling with the impact of the unrest.

The incidents serve as a stark reminder of the power of misinformation and the potential consequences when tensions run high.


Violence quickly erupted following false social media rumours of a police chase being behind the deaths, with riot officers sent in to quell the disturbance and make arrests. (Pictured: Kyrees Jordan Sullivan with his mother Belinda)

In the midst of the investigations, it is crucial to prioritize healing and finding ways to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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