UN asks for 7.3 million for quake-hit Haiti

UN asks for $187.3 million for quake-hit Haiti

NEW YORK, 25th August, 2021 – The United Nations launched an appeal on Wednesday to raise 187.3 million dollars to provide emergency aid to more than 800,000 people affected by the August 14 earthquake in Haiti.
These funds would be used to meet the needs of the population in terms of shelter, water and sanitation, health, food, protection and early care after the earthquake, which caused about 2,200 deaths and more than 12,000 injuries.
In a statement, the UN resident humanitarian coordinator, Bruno Lemarquis, said that “Haiti and its people need, more than ever, the solidarity of the whole world, in the face of multiple crises at the same time.”
“As part of this response, moving toward recovery and taking into account the lessons of the 2010 earthquake, it will be absolutely essential to maintain and support national leadership and coordination efforts,” Lemarquis said.
The 7.2 magnitude earthquake, registered in the southwest of the country, has destroyed 52,923 homes and caused damage to another 77,006 houses, in addition to numerous buildings, roads and other infrastructure.
The effects of the earthquake have been devastating throughout the southern peninsula of Haiti and the highest number of deaths is concentrated in the area of ​​Les Cayes, the largest city in the region, with about 100,000 inhabitants.