Ukraine’s alleged attempt to ‘recruit South African fighters’ riles Russia

Ukraine’s alleged attempt to ‘recruit South African fighters’ riles Russia

The Russian Embassy in Mzansi has lashed out at its Ukrainian counterparts on South African soil, after it accused certain diplomatic representatives of trying to recruit SA citizens into the ‘Legion of Defence for Ukraine’.

Is Ukraine recruiting South African fighters? Russia seems to think so…

The international battalion has been formed to help the Ukrainian army repel the invasion led by Vladimir Putin. It consists of citizens from all over the world, who want to actively fight against Russian forces.

Those recruitment efforts, it has been stated, ‘are also underway’ in SA. The Pretoria-based Russian Embassy slammed its wartime enemy – and in particular, the Ukrainian Association of South Africa – for trying to convince people on our shores to fight the war currently raging in Europe.

  • A Facebook post, shared by the Ukrainian Association of South Africa, seems to have kicked things off:

Putin beefs-up his military offence

In response to this International Legion, Russia has also confirmed that it will summon around 16 000 troops – mainly from Syria and the Middle East – to provide reinforcements for its own war machine. A battle between two sparring nations is now starting to take on a more global feel.

The Russian Embassy has pulled no punches, however, and they believe that Ukraine is committing ‘a grave violation of international law’. But it seems they’ve got no qualms with shelling a maternity hospital.

After all, who gets to call what’s fair in love and war?

“The Ukrainian Embassy in SA is involved in recruiting and sending mercenaries to fight in Ukraine. This is a grave violation of the international law in terms of status and functions of diplomatic mission. Indeed, diplomatic staff in a number of countries are involved in mercenary activities.”

Russian Embassy in South Africa

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