UK releases Presidency programme for major climate summit in Glasgow

UK releases Presidency programme for major climate summit in Glasgow

The UK’s Presidency Programme for COP26 has been unveiled today to drive forward climate ambition and action against key issues alongside two weeks of intensive climate negotiations in Glasgow.

Beginning with the World Leaders Summit on 1 and 2 November, each day will focus on a different theme, from advancing progress on key priorities like clean energy, zero-emission transport and protecting nature, to ensuring the participation of women, girls and young people is at the centre of climate action.

Cross-cutting themes like science, innovation and inclusivity will run throughout the programme, as will the need to mitigate climate change, adapt to its impacts, and mobilise public and private finance.

Exhibitions and events in the UK-run zones in Glasgow will also feature throughout the programme to showcase progress from the whole of society, governments, businesses, amongst others.

The Presidency programme will run alongside the formal negotiations which sit at the heart of the UN summit and will focus on closing off the outstanding aspects of the Paris Agreement.

COP26 President Alok Sharma said:

“The COP26 summit in Glasgow is our best hope of safeguarding the planet for everyone, building a brighter future and keeping the 1.5C target alive.

“I have been pleased to see progress and momentum on the four key goals I have been taking to governments across the world and the presidency programme will continue this throughout the two weeks of the summit.

“From finance to energy and gender to adaptation these are vital issues that need to be addressed to make COP26 inclusive and successful.”

A detailed programme and negotiations schedule will be published in due course.

All countries who are part of the UNFCCC are entitled to attend a COP and will decide what level of representation. Attendance at the leader-level segment will be confirmed in due course.

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