UK gave £310 million to Strasbourg organization that denied Rwandan flight

UK gave £310 million to Strasbourg organization that denied Rwandan flight

Millions of pounds are spent by Britain year on the human rights organization whose judges cancelled Priti Patel’s journey to Rwanda in search of asylum.

One of the biggest financial supporters of the Council of Europe, which has 46 members, including the dictatorship of Azerbaijan, is the UK government.

The council’s mission is to advance democracy and the rule of law and has received £310 million from Britain over the previous ten years. Dunja Mijatovic, the country’s human rights czar, has criticized Miss Patel for her efforts to block refugees from crossing the Channel.

She has asked for additional “safe and lawful channels” to apply for asylum and encouraged British MPs to “resist measures that enable outsourcing.” The government’s border policy, according to Miss Mijatovic, is “repressive.” The European Court of Human Rights is supported by the council, which receives £400 million in financing annually, to the tune of £64 million annually.

The Daily Mail has repeatedly asked Strasbourg court officials to identify the judge who blocked the shipment of asylum seekers to Africa, but they have consistently been denied. They have only stated that the decision was taken by either Liechtenstein-representing Swiss jurist Carlo Ranzoni or Peter Paczolay of Hungary.

The injunction stops migrants from being deported to Rwanda until three weeks after British judges deliver a final ruling on the legality of the policy. It stated that deportees risked a “serious risk of permanent harm.”

Judges in Strasbourg get tax-free salaries of at least £170,000 year, and senior council officials are permitted to make up to that amount. Their benefits packages cover things like travel costs and a final salary pension.

Additionally, they are eligible to receive an expat stipend of 12.5% of their wage to help with living expenses in the French city.

This year, the UK’s contributions to the council increased from £29.7 million to £32.7 million as a result of Russia’s expulsion and suspension of payments.

According to council officials, this equates to less than 50p per British citizen annually. Only three countries contribute more to the council’s coffers: France, Italy, and Germany. The amounts are determined by population and economic output.

Conservative lawmakers claim that the court’s decisions on human rights issues have become overly political and that Justice Secretary Dominic Raab is trying to “insulate” British courts from its precedent.

Every citizen of the UK benefits from the protections provided by the Strasbourg court and the European Convention on Human Rights, which are intended to safeguard human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.


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