UK Braces for Hot Temperatures as Spanish Heatwave Approaches

UK Braces for Hot Temperatures as Spanish Heatwave Approaches

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

The UK is set to experience hot temperatures as a result of a Spanish heatwave in the coming weeks.


Weather maps show that after a gloomy March and April, the UK will finally enjoy good weather.

France and Spain have already experienced record-breaking temperatures, with Cordoba in southern Spain reaching a record 38.3C, beating the previous record of 37.4C in Murcia in 2011.

Long-range forecasts predict May 17th as the day with the highest temperatures this year.

Although the UK could reach 21C in the coming weeks, a Netweather forecaster predicts an “early hot spell” towards the end of the month, with May looking like a “warmer-than-average month.”

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The Met Office’s long-range forecast states that high pressure from the west or southwest will deflect Atlantic frontal zones towards the northwest of the UK.

Woman on bike
Woman on bike

The UK will feel warm in the best of the sunshine, but the forthcoming Coronation bank holiday weekend looks bleak.


The Met Office predicts unsettled weather with longer spells of rain and showers, with a possibility of thunder downpours on Sunday, May 7.

Steven Keates, the Met Office Deputy Chief Forecaster, warned that heavy rain moving northeastwards through the morning will bring some rain to London by lunchtime.

Bank holiday Monday looks to be even worse with the possibility of more “thundery showers” in central, eastern and southern England.

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The northeast will look “daily grey and wet.”

The humid south, however, could see highs of 18C in London.


The article provides information about the hot temperatures set to hit the UK following a Spanish heatwave.

The writer uses factual information, quotes from Netweather and the Met Office, and record-breaking temperatures from France and Spain to back up their claims.


The article divides the information into two parts: the UK weather and the forecast for the forthcoming Coronation bank holiday weekend.

The subtitles help to organise the information, making it easier for the reader to follow.

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The writer provides an interesting commentary on the potential impact of the weather on the Coronation concert outside Windsor Castle.

It shows that the writer is aware of current events and is not just focusing on the weather.

The use of quotes from Steven Keates, the Met Office Deputy Chief Forecaster, adds credibility to the article.

Overall, the article provides useful information for those interested in the weather forecast for the UK.

The writer has used a range of sources to provide a comprehensive overview of the weather conditions.

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