Tyrese Gibdson Talks About Not Kissing Co-Stars in Movies While in His Previous Marriage

Tyrese Gibdson Talks About Not Kissing Co-Stars in Movies While in His Previous Marriage

...By Ayodele Oshikokhai for TDPel Media.

Earlier this week, Tyrese opened up about his thoughts on the possibility of getting married again and his previous experience in marriage in an interview with The Morning Hustle Show.


The interview started with the host, King Kyle, asking Tyrese directly about the prospect of another wedding.

Tyrese appeared hesitant in his response, stating that he is committed to doing the best he can with the 24 hours that he gets with his current partner, Zeli.

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He also shared that his previous commitment to marriage was challenging, as he had mentally prepared himself to be with his former spouse for the rest of his life.

The conversation then moved on to how Tyrese acts when he is in a committed relationship. He revealed that during his previous marriage, he refused to kiss any of his co-stars, except for Naomi Harris on the forehead in the movie “Black and Blue”.

He shared that he wasn’t even willing to kiss her on the lips, as he feared creating insecurities in his wife.

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The host, Lore’l, jokingly responded that Tyrese’s forehead kiss doesn’t count as he got paid to do so. King Kyle asked if Tyrese’s wife would understand that kissing is a part of his job, to which Tyrese responded that he still refused to kiss Naomi on the lips in the movie, even when the producers insisted on it.


The interview concluded with the question of whether Tyrese is ready for another marriage. It’s up for debate whether Tyrese is ready or not, but it’s clear that his past experiences have shaped his outlook on relationships and commitment.

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