Two buddies noticed transparent soldier sitting comfortably by battle monument

Two buddies noticed transparent soldier sitting comfortably by battle monument

This is the startling moment two friends saw a soldier who seemed to be fully transparent sitting calmly on a seat close to a war monument.

George Moore and Josh Newton, both 21 years old, were traveling through Northam, North Devon on their way to a leased home where they were living with Mr. Newton’s family on the evening of December 28.

The engineer was startled when he saw what looked to be the “misty form” of a man sitting on a seat as he pulled out his phone to record the monument on the World War One and World War Two memorial.

Is this the ghost of a soldier? Creepy video of 'completely see-through man sitting on a bench'

The eerie footage depicts the transparent body’s obvious shape sitting down and gazing quietly forward.

Mr. Newton, of Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey, acknowledged being a skeptic of the paranormal but said that seeing the spectral apparition had “changed his viewpoint” on ghosts. He is now a believer.

The names of troops who died between 1914 and 1919 as well as between 1939 and 1945 are included on the Northam War Memorial’s inscription.

Mr. “It—”It was obvious.” It seemed as if someone was really sitting there.

It was obviously a masculine form, thus it’s possible that the spirit of a soldier was there.

It disappeared when I shifted my eyes to a little closer gaze. It was to my left before disappearing entirely. It was strange. It simply vanished as we turned the corner.

“I am certain that it was a ghost.” With the naked eye, it was as obvious as day.

“I was surprised,” Mr Newton said further. ,,, and,,,,,,,,,,, When I later watched the film, I saw that something had been there before it abruptly vanished.

I used to reject the supernatural, but I now do. I now see things differently. It has changed me.

The two buddies immediately turned the vehicle around to look after the sighting.

The seat was vacant and the ghost had left by the time they arrived back at the eerie sight.

According to Mr. Newton, the film has won over skeptical family members and friends who say it is unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

There was just George and myself there; no one else was there. I’m pleased I caught it on camera because [otherwise] nobody would have believed me, he added.

My family was in disbelief. They remarked that it was unlike anything they had ever seen.

Although some members of my family are skeptics and others do not believe in ghosts, for them, it served as kind of a deciding factor.

My skeptical family and friends were persuaded by it.

Online viewers were stunned by the ghostly video, which has around 300 likes, shares, and comments on Facebook.

A user said, “Whoa! That is bizarre. Really cool.

Another said, “Seems like a ghost to me.”

A third person said, “Oh wow.”

»Two buddies noticed transparent soldier sitting comfortably by battle monument«

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