Two bartenders identified as fatalities in Colorado LGBT club shooting; witness describes terror

Two bartenders identified as fatalities in Colorado LGBT club shooting; witness describes terror

Two bartenders have been named among the five victims of the mass shooting at a gay club in Colorado, where a witness described a night of dancing interrupted by gunfire, screams, shattered glass, and blood everywhere.

His mother informed ABC News that 28-year-old Daniel Davis Aston was murdered in the gunshots at Club Q in Colorado Springs.

“He was our infant and our youngest child,” Sabrina Aston told the site.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, bartender Derrick Rump was also murdered in the incident.

One of Rump’s coworkers told the local media that he “had a grin on his face at all times.”

According to friends and social media posts, Aston completed his transition to male in June and was a drag performer as well as a bartender.

“He always asked, ‘Do you require anything?'” Leia-Jhene Seals, a drag artist who performed Saturday night at the club, told the Gazette.

The attack claimed the lives of bartenders Derrick Rump, left, and Daniel Davis Aston, right.
The night of dancing culminated in gunfire, screams, shattered glass, and blood.
AP/Geneva Heffernan

Authorities stated earlier on Friday that Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, reportedly entered the club just before midnight and began firing instantly. The incident also resulted in 18 further injuries.

According to authorities, brave guests confronted the shooter and were able to prevent him from committing additional bloodshed. Aldrich was being held in protective custody at a nearby hospital.

Joshua Thurman, who witnessed the horrifying incident, told reporters on Sunday that he did not initially recognize that someone was firing.

Daniel Davis Aston, a bartender, is among the victims.

“Believing it was the music, I continued to dance. Then I heard another round of gunshots, and a client and I raced to the dressing room, laid down on the floor, shut the doors, and quickly contacted the police,” the 34-year-old stated.

Truman recalls hearing diners cry when Aldrich reportedly shot into the throng.

He stated he was thinking of “my mother, my friends, and my loved ones” as he hoped to survive.

“There were bodies on the ground,” he told reporters, “along with blood, shattered glass, and broken cups. Outside, the situation was more worse.”

He continued, “This is the sole LGBTQIA+ establishment in Colorado Springs.” What are our obligations? Where do we intend to go? How are we to feel secure in our surroundings when everything was just shot up?”

In the mass shooting, at least five people were killed and 18 were injured.
AFP Images via Getty
Investigators are exploring charges for a hate crime.
REUTERS/ Kevin Mohatt


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Colorado Springs resident Joshua Thurman responds the morning after a horrific shooting at the LGBTQ nightclub Club Q in Colorado Springs.

AFP Images via Getty

Thurman was in the club when the incident occurred.

AFP Images via Getty

Men embrace one another outside of the murder site.

AFP Images via Getty

Investigators are investigating the motivation and have stated that hate crime charges would be considered.

The venue commented on Facebook, “Club Q is horrified by the senseless attack on our community.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and their friends. We are grateful for the fast efforts of valiant customers who restrained the shooter and terminated this hate crime.”


»Two bartenders identified as fatalities in Colorado LGBT club shooting; witness describes terror«

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