Twitter Removes Blue Checkmarks from User Profiles, Including Beyonce and Pope Francis

Twitter Removes Blue Checkmarks from User Profiles, Including Beyonce and Pope Francis

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Twitter has started to remove legacy blue checkmarks from user profiles, with several well-known personalities losing their verified statuses.


Pop icon Beyonce and Pope Francis are among those who have had their blue checkmarks removed, while others like basketball star LeBron James and author Stephen King have retained their verified status.

Legacy Blue Checkmarks Being Removed

The blue checkmark symbol has been used by Twitter to verify the identities of high-profile accounts, indicating that the account belongs to a public figure or celebrity.

However, the social media platform has been reviewing its verification process and recently announced that it would be removing verified status from accounts that no longer meet the updated criteria.


Twitter’s move to remove legacy blue checkmarks from user profiles is part of its ongoing review of its verification process.


While the blue checkmark has long been a symbol of status on the platform, Twitter has recognized the need to update its verification criteria to reflect changes in the way people use the platform.

The removal of verified status from well-known personalities like Beyonce and Pope Francis may come as a surprise to some, but it is in line with Twitter’s new criteria.

The social media platform has stated that verified accounts must meet several requirements, including being active and complete, with a profile image and bio, and not having a history of violating Twitter’s rules.

The verification process on social media platforms has become increasingly important in recent years, with users relying on the blue checkmark symbol to distinguish between legitimate and fake accounts.

By updating its verification criteria and removing legacy blue checkmarks from inactive or incomplete accounts, Twitter is taking steps to ensure that its users can trust the authenticity of verified accounts.


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