Trump’s lawyer wants to know why Reinhart recused himself from Clinton case

Alina Habba, ex-President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, has escalated her attack on the people who arranged the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago on Monday.

‘They wanted some drama, so they put this out there.’ ‘They go to the judge who recused himself from my Hillary case a month ago,’ Habba told Fox News anchor Jesse Watters on Friday. ‘I’d want to know why he recused himself in that instance, but then signed this warrant.’ ‘I’d want to know.’

Habba was referring to the fact that on June 22, magistrate Judge Bruce W. Reinhart recused himself from a litigation in which Trump and Hillary Clinton were involved.

The 45th President is suing Clinton and other senior Democrats on claims of Russian involvement.

Six weeks later, Judge Reinhart approved the warrant permitting the federal government to examine Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. ‘The undersigned Magistrate Judge, to whom the above-styled matter has been assigned, now recuses himself and assigns the case to the Clerk of Court for reassignment according to 28 U.S.C. 455,’ the magistrate stated in his recusal.

‘Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States should disqualify himself in any case in which his impartiality may reasonably be questioned,’ according to the relevant law.

The judge did not say what disqualified him from presiding over the case.

Habba and colleague Trump lawyer Christina Bobb accused the FBI of fabricating evidence for Monday’s raid earlier this week.

‘He’s like,’ Habba said of Trump’s response to the raid “Oh, Alina, it’s Monday. Monday in Trump’s world.” Nothing, to be honest. He couldn’t figure out why they were there. He hadn’t seen them since June.’

‘They had stated,’ Trump’s top lawyer continued “Everything is good, but could you just add another lock on it? We’ll be OK.” What do you think? The Jan. 6 ratings – the program on Jan. 6 — haven’t been doing so well, in my perspective.’ In a Fox News interview, Habba expressed fear that “they may have planted something.” You know, who knows at this point? I don’t trust the government, which is terrifying for an American.’

Habba has often attacked Judge Reinhart on her Truth Social page.Former president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home was raided by federal agents on MondayHabba said in a Fox News interview that she was 'concerned that they may have planted something. You know, at this point, who knows? I don't trust the government and that's a very frightening thing as an American'Earlier this week, Habba, along with fellow Trump lawyer Christina Bobb, accused the FBI of planting evidence during Monday's raidTrump is under investigation for obstruction of justice and violating the Espionage ActTrump’s lawyer wants to know why Reinhart recused himself from Clinton caseDuring an appearance on 'Jesse Watters Primetime,' Alina Habba described Trump's nonchalant response to Monday's FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

Later in the discussion, Watters joked with Habba about Trump packing any of the boxes that the FBI searched during the raid.

Bobb stated during an interview with the right-wing television network Real America’s Voice earlier Friday that Trump observed the raid live from Trump Tower in New York through security camera feeds in his Florida property. Bobb remarked that the Trumps had a better view than she did since she was at Mar-a-Lago at the time of the raid.

‘So explain to me, why you advise someone to put an additional lock on, go for nearly two months, obtain a warrant, wait for a weekend, have a drink, and then show-up again, guns blazing,’ Habba added in her Friday appearance. Not even alerting the local police, as is customary. He wasn’t even present. It’s illogical.’

Several news sources have released pieces exposing Judge Reinhart’s career as a defense attorney, which includes time spent working for pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and donating to Barack Obama’s campaign.

According to the recently revealed search warrant, Trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice and breaking the Espionage Act. The FBI collected 11 sets of sensitive papers from Mar-a-Lago.

On Friday, the former president asserted that everything had been ‘declassified,’ and that investigators ‘didn’t need to take anything.’

According to a copy of the warrant, some of the papers were labeled “top secret” and are intended to be held in specialist government facilities.

The FBI would have had to show that there was a reasonable suspicion that Trump committed a crime by keeping the papers – criminal offenses referenced in the request include espionage, removal of records, and obstruction of justice.

The Espionage Act might be violated by sheltering or hiding people, obtaining, transmitting, or losing defense secrets, gathering or providing defense information to help a foreign government, or disclosing classified information.

Among the 11 delicate objects were several papers labeled’secret,’ ‘top secret,’ and ‘confidential.’

Agents found 20 boxes from the Florida home, with the remainder including handwritten notes, picture binders, Roger Stone’s clemency award, and a dossier containing information on the President of France.

The warrant and receipts were acquired by before they were released by a Florida magistrate court Friday afternoon.

The warrant authorized FBI investigators to examine Trump’s office and all storage places on the property, and it indicates that four sets of top secret papers, three sets of secret documents, and three sets of confidential documents were collected.

Trump’s lawyers now allege that before leaving office, former President Trump declassified the materials. Any document may be declassified by the president, but there is a precise federal protocol for doing so.

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