Transitioning Family Business: Party Pieces Sold by Princess of Wales’s Parents

Transitioning Family Business: Party Pieces Sold by Princess of Wales’s Parents

...By Muyiwa Aderinto for TDPel Media.

Party Pieces Sale and Middleton’s Retirement: Transitioning Family Business and New Ventures

Carole and Michael Middleton, parents of the late Princess Diana, have sold their party goods business, Party Pieces, to entrepreneur James Sinclair.


The sale comes after the company faced financial difficulties and entered into administration.

This development follows recent reports that the Middletons planned to step down from the business and prioritize spending more time with their grandchildren.

The sale was conducted through a pre-pack administration process, allowing the company to be sold without certain liabilities.

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Party Pieces’ Sale and Administration:

Party Pieces, launched by Carole and Michael Middleton in 1987, has been sold to James Sinclair’s company, Teddy Tastic Bear Co Ltd.

The details of the sale price and remaining liabilities are currently undisclosed.


The Middletons had initially intended to sell the business without insolvency but were unable to do so.

Administrators from Interpath Advisory were appointed, and Party Pieces experienced financial losses due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

James Sinclair and Teddy Tastic Bear Co Ltd:

Entrepreneur James Sinclair, the buyer of Party Pieces, is the founder of Teddy Tastic Bear Co Ltd.

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Sinclair operates a diverse business portfolio that includes leisure, childcare, outdoor attractions, commercial property, arts and crafts manufacturing, and the renowned ice cream company, The Rossi Ice Cream Company.

Middleton Family’s Transition and Retirement:

Carole and Michael Middleton’s decision to sell Party Pieces and retire comes as they seek to devote more time to family, gardening, and travel.

The couple, who started the business from their kitchen table, have appointed strategic advisors at Interpath to explore potential buyers and ensure a smooth transition.


The Middletons, who previously owned slightly over half of the company, aim to step away from the daily responsibilities and enjoy their six grandchildren.

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The new owner is James Sinclair, an ice cream company owner and entrepreneur (pictured with Nigel Farage)
Carole pictured with Kate (right) and Pippa (behind her) when she launched the firm while pregnant with James
 The sale of Party Pieces marks a significant transition for Carole and Michael Middleton as they retire from their successful party goods business.

The decision to sell was driven by the desire for more personal time and family-focused activities. Despite facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Middletons are ready to embark on a new chapter while exploring opportunities for Party Pieces under new ownership.


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