Transgender Women Excluded from Elite Female Cycling Events in British Cycling’s Policy Update

Transgender Women Excluded from Elite Female Cycling Events in British Cycling’s Policy Update

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Transgender Women Barred from Elite Female Cycling Events

British Cycling has introduced new rules today that prohibit transgender women from participating in female cycling events.


Under the governing body’s revised transgender and non-binary participation policy, riders assigned male at birth will not be allowed to race in elite female events.

Controversy Surrounding Previous Policy Suspension

Last April, British Cycling suspended its previous policy amidst controversy when transgender woman Emily Bridges expressed her desire to compete as a female rider in the national omnium championships.

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In response to the ensuing discussions and debates, the governing body initiated a review process.

Categories Defined in the Revised Policy

The revised policy confirms the continuation of the female category exclusively for individuals assigned female at birth.

Additionally, transgender men who have not yet undergone hormone therapy will still be eligible to compete in this category.

Meanwhile, the current men’s category will be consolidated into an open category, where individuals assigned female at birth can also choose to participate.

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Deliberate and Comprehensive Decision-Making Process

Jon Dutton, the newly appointed chief executive of British Cycling, stated that the decision to implement these changes was the result of an extensive evaluation process.

The process involved consultations with affected athletes, the cycling community, and a review of existing medical research.

Legal considerations under the Equalities Act were also taken into account.

Acknowledging the Challenges and Apologizing for the Delay

Dutton expressed regret over the time it took to reach this decision and acknowledged the distress and concern experienced by some individuals throughout the process.

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He recognized that this is a difficult moment for those directly affected by the new rules.

In-Depth Review and Consultation Process

The comprehensive nine-month review included consultations with riders, stakeholders, and members of the Great Britain team.

The review also involved an examination of available medical research, led by British Cycling’s chief medical officer, Dr. Nigel Jones.

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