Trademark Dispute: Percy Pig Ice Cream Faces Naming Issue with Marks and Spencer

Trademark Dispute: Percy Pig Ice Cream Faces Naming Issue with Marks and Spencer

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Marks and Spencer (M&S) Allows Use of Percy Pig Sweets in Ice Cream, but Not the Name


Fabio’s Gelato, an ice cream vendor, recently introduced Percy Pig ice cream.

However, M&S, the brand behind Percy Pig, sent Fabio a letter stating that he could not use the name Percy Pig Ice Cream.

M&S offered several alternative suggestions, including Pig Face Ice Cream.

According to the BBC, Fabio received the letter from M&S shortly after launching his Percy Pig ice cream.

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Fabio expressed understanding, saying, “It is what it is, they’ve got to protect Percy Pig.”

M&S clarified that the name Percy Pig is reserved for “official M&S products” only.


Fabio received the “polite and fair” letter from M&S on Thursday, along with some packets of Percy Pig sweets.

The letter proposed alternative names such as “Pig Faces or Pig Sweets.”

In the letter, M&S explained, “Percy Pig is one of our ‘hero’ brands, and we own trademarks to protect it.

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We risk losing those trademarks (and more importantly to us, consumers will no longer be confident Percy Pig-branded products originate from M&S) if we do not take steps to stop others from using them without our permission.”

As a result, Fabio decided to rename his ice cream “Fabio’s Pig.”

An M&S spokesman expressed flattery at the inspiration behind Fabio’s gelato and sent best wishes, stating, “It’s flattering that he’s inspired Fabio’s new gelato, and we hope they enjoy the treat we sent.”


The conflict between Fabio’s Gelato and M&S highlights the importance of protecting brand trademarks.

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While Fabio’s use of Percy Pig sweets in his ice cream is allowed, M&S seeks to preserve the distinctiveness and reputation of the Percy Pig brand by reserving its name for official M&S products.

The amicable approach taken by M&S, along with the gesture of sending sweets, demonstrates their desire to maintain a positive relationship with Fabio and acknowledge his creative use of their product.

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