TRA opens first case in response to application from UK industry

TRA opens first case in response to application from UK industry

The Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) has begun its first investigation in response to an application from a UK industry. The case was initiated on Monday 21 June.

The TRA will investigate whether aluminium extrusions are being dumped in the UK by businesses in the People’s Republic of China.

Aluminium extrusions are commonly used in the manufacture of heavy equipment, such as components for infrastructure projects like mining, oil and gas, chemical and refinery equipment. They can also be found in windows, doors and railings, cars, buses and trains, and air conditioners, personal watercraft and medical equipment.

Chief Executive of the Trade Remedies Authority Oliver Griffiths said:

This investigation into potential dumping of aluminium extrusions from China is the UK’s first new trade remedies case. We are encouraging all parties with interests in the UK aluminium extrusion market to contribute to our investigation into whether dumping has occurred and whether remedies are the right answer for the UK economy.

The TRA received an application supported by UK producers whose collective output constitutes at least half of the total production in the UK and has concluded that the application includes enough evidence to justify a full investigation.

The TRA will now seek information from all interested parties in order to establish whether aluminium extrusions have been dumped in the UK, whether that has harmed UK industry and whether it would be in the UK’s interests for measures to be put in place to mitigate that harm.

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