Tory Lanez’s dad and stepmom criticize Jay-Z after Megan Thee Stallion conviction

Tory Lanez’s dad and stepmom criticize Jay-Z after Megan Thee Stallion conviction

Tory Lanez’s father blames Jay-Z for his son’s conviction for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot, because in June of this year, Jay-Z signed Megan to his label.

Outside of court, Sonstar Peterson, real name Daystar Peterson, the father of Lanez, accused Jay-Z of having ‘sold and bartered the souls of young men.’

He may have meant that Jay-record Z’s label covered Megan Thee Stallion’s legal bills, although it was unclear what he meant.

She claimed that Lanez shot her in the foot in July 2020, and Lanez was found guilty of all three crimes on Friday.

When the verdict was read, the 30-year-old musician, who was facing up to 18 years in prison, showed no reaction.

Outside in court, his father screamed that the verdict was “the worst miscarriage of justice in the history of the planet.”

With his wife yelling that Beyonce was also to blame, Peterson shouted against what he perceived to be an injustice.

He stated, “I have seen so much proof hidden in this.”

“I know exactly what the public will say here.” You will assert that I state this because I am a parent.

“As you can see, I am the father of hundreds of children over the world.”

“I am a biological father to my children, but a spiritual father to many.”

And I don’t fabricate ridiculous accusations because I have nothing else to do.

Peterson stated, “I am calling on all Americans to begin to rise up because your sons are being mistreated.”

Additionally, Lanez’s stepmother yelled to the camera, “Beyoncé and Jay-Z, you have children!”

“As you can see, you are putting others in jail.” You have kids. God is observing.

Peterson pointed at the judge and jury as the verdict was read and yelled, “This is horrible, you are wicked!” The ultimate level of wickedness.

As others joined in, yelling ‘appeal’ and ‘that’s messed up man,’ sheriff’s deputies barked at the loudest to calm down, and were joined by a dozen more deputies who held some spectators and press hostage in the courtroom while a brawl in the corridor outside was subdued.

Some of Lanez’s female supporters, wearing a pink coat over a white turtleneck and pink pants, wept openly as he sat next to his defense team, looking stunned.

His stepmother yelled, “We love you baby!” as he was led away in handcuffs to be held in custody until his sentencing on January 27, which was scheduled by Judge David Herriford.

After a 10-day trial, a Los Angeles jury of seven women and five men deliberated for a day and a half before convicting Lanez of three felonies: assault with a semi-automatic firearm, discharging a firearm in a highly negligent manner, and carrying a hidden firearm in a vehicle.

Assault is punishable by up to nine years in prison, careless discharge of a firearm by up to three years, and carrying a concealed firearm by three years.

The jury also determined that Lanez inflicted “severe bodily injury”; Megan had three bullet fragments surgically removed from her foot. As a result, the assault and negligent shooting charges have additional penalties that could add six years to Lanez’s sentence.

The musician Daystar Peterson, who was born in Canada, also faces the possibility of deportation. He entered not guilty pleas for all three charges.

Megan, 27, told the jury in her heartbreaking testimony last week that she and Lanez, with whom she had been having a sexual connection, were in Lanez’s SUV in the Hollywood Hills with Megan’s assistant and closest friend, Kelsey Harris, when a fight broke out.

Megan, whose real name is Megan Pete, urged the driver to pull over and exited the vehicle, at which point she claims Lanez yelled “Dance b—ch” and shot a gun five times at her, causing her feet to be so severely injured that she required surgery.

In addition, she stated that Lanez promised her and Harris $1 million to remain silent about the incident.

Lanez later apologized to her, explaining that he was intoxicated during the incident.

The jury rejected the defense team’s allegation that Harris fired the gun in a fit of jealousy and rage at Megan after learning that the singer had ‘backstabbed’ her by sleeping with Lanez, with whom Kelsey was also connected.

In his closing arguments, deputy district attorney Alexander Bott told the court, “This is a case involving a guy who shot a girl and then apologized for it.”

Megan testified on the first day of the trial that she felt suicidal following the shooting and compared the consequences of identifying Lanez as the gunman to ‘torture.’

She has been subjected to a storm of online abuse from Lanez’s supporters, who have accused her of lying.

Megan told the court, “I cannot even be joyful.”

I cannot carry on lengthy talks with individuals. I do not desire to exist on this planet.

If I had known I would be subjected to such torture, I would have wished he had simply shot me dead.

Shortly after the prosecution and defense concluded their closing arguments on Thursday afternoon, Judge David Herringford sent the jury of seven women and five men to the jury room. The consensus was unanimous.

Lanez, attired in a pink suit and white turtleneck sweater, came in downtown Los Angeles criminal court on Thursday with his five-year-old son Kai, who was spotted earlier in the trial attending proceedings with his father.

After the incident, Lanez’s admirers argued online that Megan was unharmed, but Dr. Lee Haruno, head orthopedic surgery resident at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, testified last week that bullet pieces were extracted from both of Megan’s feet.

Lanez’s attorney, George Mgdesyan, who has called Megan a liar, accused the prosecution of attempting to tarnish his client’s reputation and portray him as a nasty guy. A black hip-hop artist.

“They want you to jump to a conclusion in order to prosecute a black man.” It makes more sense for a black man to shoot a black woman. But it was Kelsey who shot her friend.’

Mgdesyan responded when asked why the chief investigator in the case only took Lanez’s DNA and not that of the other passengers in the car: ‘Because he’s the celebrity. “He is Tory Lanez,”

The prosecution wants you to believe Megan, who lied to you, or Kelsey, who took the Fifth Amendment.

‘Why would Megan lie?’ Mgdesyan asked earlier.

“Megan and Tory are both artists. Whose shooting of you is more noteworthy, Kelsey Harris or Tory Lanez?”

Megan has a reputation; she is known as Megan Thee Stallion. Kelsey discovered that her best friend was cheating on her with her boyfriend, so she shot her. What would Megan The Stallion think about that?

In addition, he reminded the jury of Sean Kelly’s testimony, in which he stated that he witnessed Harris stop fighting Megan and return to the SUV before shooting erupted.

Mgdesyan stated, “The evidence suggests that Kelsey’s luggage had the firearm.”

Adding that the prosecution’s evidence was “riddled with flaws,” he continued, “My client did not intentionally draw and shoot the gun.” Therefore, his DNA is not present on the rifle.

“There is no proof that my client fired a gun.

My client was attempting to prevent Kelsey from shooting Megan by gripping her hand.

He was attempting to rescue Megan.

Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta ridiculed the defense’s argument that Kelsey shot Megan out of jealousy over their sexual rivalry for Lanez.

Instead, she informed the jury that Lanez shot Megan in a rage over their respective musical talents.

“The defendant, not Megan, is on trial,” Ta stated in her response to the defense’s closing arguments.

The defendant’s ego was wounded because Megan was more successful than he was.

She disrespected him as a rapper, which infuriated him. How dare she degrade him and then walk away from him after exiting the vehicle?

So he asserted his power once more.

»Tory Lanez’s dad and stepmom criticize Jay-Z after Megan Thee Stallion conviction«

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