TLC Star From My 600lb Life Dies After Discovering Maggots in Skin Folds

TLC Star From My 600lb Life Dies After Discovering Maggots in Skin Folds

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My 600lb Life Star Dies After Discovery of Maggots in Skin Folds

Lisa Fleming, a participant on the TLC reality show My 600lb Life, passed away at the age of 50 after discovering maggots in the folds of her skin.


Lisa featured in one of the show’s most shocking episodes ever, after developing a severe infection in her leg.

At her heaviest, Lisa weighed more than 50 stone (704 pounds) and sought the help of Dr Nowzaradan to lose weight, successfully shedding more than 200lbs.

However, for Lisa, bariatric surgery was not the end of her painful journey.

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The TLC star lost 200lbs – but sadly died at the age of 50 (Image: TLC)
The TLC star lost 200lbs – but sadly died at the age of 50 (Image: TLC)

Discovery of Maggots and Start of Weight Loss Journey

During her episode, Lisa began to feel sick and was suffering constant pain in one of her legs.

When her daughter came over to help, she discovered live maggots living in the folds of Lisa’s skin.

This incident inspired Lisa to begin losing weight, but the process was challenging, and she continually fell back on her diet regime.


How Did the Maggots Get There?

According to researcher Darvin Scott Smith, an open wound could begin the process.

Lisa likely experienced a form of wound myiasis, with Smith explaining that “flies would land on these open sores or ulcerations in the skin and that’s where they would want to lay their eggs.”

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The initial wound was likely caused by intertrigo, which is the inflammation of folds caused by skin rubbing together constantly.

Progress and Weight Loss

After the show, Lisa made progress with her weight loss and was even able to stand up under her own steam, something she was unable to do on the show.

Unfortunately, Lisa passed away in August 2018, reportedly from causes unrelated to her weight.

Her daughter Danielle explained that “at the end, she was sick, and her body was tired, and her body just gave out.”

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Tragic Life

Lisa had a tragic life, having witnessed her brother’s murder at a young age, and her mother blamed her for his death.

This led to binge eating, and unfortunately, Lisa did not make it to her 51st birthday.


Her daughter penned a heartfelt tribute on Facebook, saying, “Mommy, I love you from here to the stars and back!

“Those babies loved you even more.

“I’m happy you’re no longer in pain and stuck in that bed.”


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