Time limit to challenge or appeal WAEC exam malpractice cases

Time limit to challenge or appeal WAEC exam malpractice cases

The West African Examination Council has released a time frame that candidates can challenge or appeal the decision of the Nigerian Examination Council (NEC) on candidates involved in exam malpractice.

Candidates who have their results withheld or papers canceled due to malpractice can challenge or appeal such decision within a strict time frame, after which they can no longer change such decisions.

Candidates now have 1 year from the date of release of result of that examination year to appeal NEC’s decision if their result has been penalised due to malpractice.

NEC, WAEC’s highest decision making organ on matters relating to examination malpractice reached the following conclusions during a meeting:

All result appeals or challenges will be disposed off after 1 year.

The disposal will be publicly announced when the time reaches.

Appeal against NEC decisions should be received from schools or candidates within 1 year after the release of result of the particular examination in question.

Appeals of result prior to the meeting which took place April 2021 will no longer be attended to.

All stored result appeals will be properly disposed after 1 year of receiving such appeals.

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