Three-Vehicle Collision at Toll Booth Leaves Four Injured

Three-Vehicle Collision at Toll Booth Leaves Four Injured

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Emergency services responded to reports of a three-vehicle collision at a toll booth near Port Shepstone on April 29.


Upon arrival, paramedics assessed the scene and determined that four patients had sustained minor injuries.

They provided on-scene treatment before transporting the injured to the hospital for further care.

Tips for Dealing with Accidents

Accidents happen frequently on our roads, and it is possible to find oneself at the scene of one.

When this happens, the safety of accident victims, emergency personnel, and other road users is of utmost importance.

Doctors refer to the first hour following an accident as the “Golden Hour,” during which seriously injured victims need comprehensive medical care to have a good chance of survival.


This scenario gives rescuers about 12 minutes at the accident scene to extricate the injured and get them to the hospital.

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If you find yourself at an accident scene, consider the traffic flow and whether it poses a risk to you or others, including the casualty.

Consider the impact on emergency vehicles trying to reach the scene before stopping traffic.

If possible, send someone up and down the road to wave down traffic.

Turn on hazard lights and ignite flares if the incident happened at night to warn oncoming motorists of the danger.

Consider the positioning of any vehicles involved in the incident and the potential hazards they may pose.

Turn off all of the vehicles involved in the collision and constantly reassess the safety of the scene, especially if you rely on others to keep you safe.

Analysis and Commentaries


Car accidents can have devastating effects, and it is important for emergency responders and individuals at the scene to prioritize safety and quick action.

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The Golden Hour is a critical time frame during which prompt medical attention can be the difference between life and death.

Therefore, it is essential to assess the scene quickly and provide any necessary medical care before transporting victims to the hospital.

When dealing with an accident scene, safety is paramount.

It is crucial to consider the flow of traffic and any potential risks it poses to those at the scene.

It is also important to consider the positioning of vehicles involved in the accident and any hazards they may pose.

It is a good idea to turn off all vehicles involved in the collision and to constantly reassess the safety of the scene to avoid further harm.

Overall, it is essential to be prepared for accidents and to know what to do in case of an emergency.

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By following these tips and prioritizing safety, individuals can do their part in ensuring the best possible outcome for accident victims.

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