This suburb could be the first in South Africa to completely evict Eskom

This suburb could be the first in South Africa to completely evict Eskom

Well, Eskom can’t sit there and say they didn’t see this coming. After another punishing year of load shedding, this suburb in Gauteng has decided to put its foot down – and advance towards a new power-sharing system.

Based in Gauteng, this could be the first suburb to EVICT Eskom and its power supply

Linbro Park, situated between Modderfontein and Sandton, is home to thousands of gatvol residents. Already in 2022, there have been over 60 days of load shedding – which is way above the average.

That’s why a private producer, completely independent from Eskom, is now applying to take over in the region. Greenstone Energy generate electricity from their gas-powered turbines. The alternative energy source would be able to add 1 MW of power to the local supply, eradicating the need for severe load shedding.

Linbro park eskom
Around 1 800 public and residential buildings would no longer have tp rely on Eskom’s supply, if all goes to plan – Photo: Google Maps

Electricity exodus: Will the be the first of many?

Greenstone want to be up and running by July 2022, and have already approached NERSA for permission to supply Linbro Park with all the energy it needs, therefore taking it off Eskom’s grid.

Residents in the area suffered badly as a result of the most recent power cuts at the end of April, prompting a slew of criticism online. There is now a definite appetite to boot Eskom out of Linbro Park, and with a quick transition planned for the region, the switch to gas-powered resources can’t come soon enough.

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