This is not the first case of sexual abuse in Chrisland Schools – Parents beware! See Details

This is not the first case of sexual abuse in Chrisland Schools – Parents beware! See Details

After fresh report that the Lagos state government has suspended Chrisland Schools after video of sexual abuse of minors surfaced which led to all branches of the school been suspended indefinitely, research has shown that this is not the first time sexual abuse has happened or have been alleged to happen at Chrisland schools.

On the 13th of February, 2018, Chrisland schools released a statement distancing themself from a report of molestation by another minor which occured since 2016.

Their report states:

We write this with every sense of responsibility because it is imperative to explain the real situation concerning the above.

In our over forty years of existence, Chrisland has never been involved in any scandal or any situation that can tarnish the reputation we have built over four decades. Ours is an organisation with zero- tolerance to any abuse in whatever form, and we have put in place structures and policies to ensure child protection in all our schools.

As stakeholders you deserve to know the true picture, therefore permit us to state the following:

  1. This case has been on since November 2016, and was alleged to have taken place in VGC and not Lekki as being circulated.
  2. It all started when a mother alleged that her daughter was molested, and we were baffled that a mother could keep quiet and not notify the school or report for two weeks. We also wondered why she left the child in school for a month, if indeed she was molested in the same school.
  3. We immediately set up a committee to investigate the allegation and also reported the matter at Ajah Police Station.
  4. While we doubt that nothing of such could have happened within our premises (considering our safety measures and structures), we gave our word of assurance to leave no stone unturned and cooperate with the police and all agencies involved to get truth and justice. We also vowed to prosecute the accused, if found guilty. As a law –abiding organisation which believes so much in the judiciary, we have not interfered in anyway.
  5. The Lagos State Quality Assurance officers visited the school twice, interviewed many people including parents, staff and pupils and conducted an extensive investigation but nothing was found.
  6. We issued a release in November 2016, which was published in the national dailies, stating our side of the story. The accused was remanded in prison for some weeks before he secured a bail.
  7. This issue erupted and took a fierce dimension, when the journalists who witnessed the court sitting last week, in solidarity with the plaintiff who is a blogger, started writing malicious stories (which are not the true picture of the court proceedings) being circulated online.
  8. At the court proceedings, journalists were warned to be mindful of their stories since the matter is still in court, and is still an allegation until the accused is found guilty, but they have continued with reckless abandon. This shows clearly that there is more to this case than meets the eye.
  9. We believe there is a conspiracy against the Chrisland brand and this is nothing but paid journalism. We pray that the good Lord will vindicate us.

Please be assured that your children are in safe hands; we have successfully built a solid reputation over the last forty years and we continue to stand for excellence.

From the above, it is obvious the school is obvisouly more concerned about their unprotected ‘reputation’ than the reputation and safety of minors.

Just in case the school decide to delete the above statement, here is a screenshot of their webpage where the above statement was published. The screenshot was taken 18/04/2022.



In the latest occurence of sexual abuse, the mother of the victim gave a narration.

The woman said the daughter narrated how they went out in the morning for breakfast and one of the boys, Kachi, begged her to borrow him her phone charger.

“(Later) After dinner, Kachi called her room that she should come and take her charger. She went there for her charger. When she got into the room, one of them said she should take her charger from the toilet.

“They hijacked her and told her to take a substance, so they were all under the influence. She said after that, she did not know what she was doing again. They told her to be climbing them and someone stood there videoing and posting it out.”

“About a month ago, I was on my way out of Lagos when I got a call from Mrs Azike, the Head Teacher of Chrisland. I went two days later. When I got to the school, I met her with two women in her office.

“One introduced herself as Mrs Kemi, they said they came from Chrisland headquarters. I said ‘Okay’. I asked if there was a problem, they said ‘No’

“That they just wanted me to know that my daughter whom I left in their care, that they took to Dubai kissed a boy and the boy kissed her. That it was from truth and dare.

“They said I should take it from her so they won’t keep practising that. I said I’ll do that and asked if there’s something else, and they said ‘No’. Mrs Kemi told me not to tell my husband.

“I left but they took my daughter elsewhere to interrogate her without my consent. They’ve been threatening that if she speaks out, they are going to kill her. That’s it is a men’s world and she shouldn’t disclose it to me.

“My daughter was dying in silence I didn’t know. They took her to go and do a pregnancy test and lied it was a COVID test, almost three times.

“Because we have started confronting them that we are aware of what they did, the school sent her a suspension letter”, she said in tears.


As said, Chrisland Schools suspended the victim, an act that boldly shows that the school condones the act of sexual molestation and abuse.

It can therefore be concluded that such acts of sexual abuse of minors keep occuring in the school because Chrisland schools have been punishing the victim and letting the guilty walk free.

The Lagos State Police Command has commenced investigation into the school, and we hope this will eventually lead to the school’s absolute shutdown and put a stop to sexual molestation of minors.

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