Things I Never Travel Without

Things I Never Travel Without

Things I Never Travel Without – First, there is traveling, and then there is traveling right! Two different concepts. I love to travel, my love and passion for traveling is one of the reasons that birthed this blog.
After having a few experiences, I’ve discovered that there are some things that I literally cannot do without.

Some of these things have become mandatory for me on every trip I embark on.
These things are tiny little things that are easily overlooked, but they come in handy and are very useful and important. Here are the things I never travel without:
Things I Never Travel Without – Safety First
Whether you realize it or not, a travel lock or padlock will always come in handy on each trip. This will ensure that your luggage is safe even when it is out of your sight or even when you have to leave it and go get something real quick.

I’m usually very skeptical and careful, so I do not ever travel without a lock, I like to be sure that no matter what happens, my bag is safe.

Things I Never Travel Without – Traveling  With My Whole Library
If you’re a book lover just like me, then you’ll agree with me that it is totally impossible to go on a trip without a book or books! But then, Carrying paperback copies of my favorites is a total no-no for me because of space.
Like me, you can have an entire library at your fingertips by signing up for the Kindle e-reader platform. You can also surf for soft copies of your favorite books on applications like Wattpad ‘free books’ ‘web novel ‘lightreader’.

There are a lot of book apps out there, you just have to surf for the one that suits you best, meet your needs and travel the world with your entire library on your phone, Ta-da!
Airpods are lifesavers
I cannot overemphasize the need for AirPods; if I should categorize based on my most-used go-to travel items, this would definitely be the first on my list because I cannot go a whole day without them.

Not only does it help me tune out the noise from fellow travelers, but I am also a music buff. So, if you’re like me, best to go on that trip with your airpods.

Things I Never Travel Without – Basic Medications
The saying, “health is wealth” is true here, and traveling has a way of telling on one’s health. The human body is quite complex to understand. This is the reason I make it mandatory to always travel with basic medications like painkillers.

It is very essential you have this in your travel bag, especially if you have never visited your destination before. Your body could react due to the change in weather conditions and all of that.

Might be something minor, but having basic medications will save you the stress of going out to look for where to get them when you don’t exactly feel well.

Personally, I’m often prone to having flu symptoms when I change environments, so I pack for my trips with that in mind.

If you’re a female, packing basic pain relievers could also help if you’re prone to experiencing cramps during your period.
Things I Never Travel Without – Snack It Out
While I too agree that eating excessive junk food is harmful to the body, I am a total junk lover and I do not travel without snacks; from candies to my favorite biscuits, chocolates, and chips, I can go on.

Snacks are essential to keep your mouth busy, while you are on your trip.

It is advisable to do everything with moderation, I mean; try to strike a balance and don’t overdo anything.
Wipes are essential travel items to me. Most times I try to get an extra pack, just in case one is not enough.

Aside from needing to clean things up, traveling exposes you to a large number of germs, sitting too close to other people, you will need to constantly have wipes close by.

I love to have both sanitizing wipes and beauty wipes for my trips.
Exactly who travels without a charger??? I’m guessing NO ONE! I can’t even stay 5hours without mine.

Let me know in the comment section which other travel essentials you can’t do without.
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