These occupations are in high demand in New York City, and training is available

These occupations are in high demand in New York City, and training is available

New York City has risen from the pandemic as a land of opportunity, and in industries where expertise is scarce, there are new routes for employees to get the necessary qualifications.

The people of New York City have been and continue to be the city’s superpower, according to Yael Taqqu, managing partner of consulting firm McKinsey. The region has one of the world’s most educated, productive, and diversified labor forces.

What types of laborers will be required in 2023 and beyond? ManpowerGroup, a provider of hiring and employment strategy, iCIMS, a pioneer in recruitment solutions, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation were consulted for answers. Here is where they anticipate the most expansion in the coming year.

Cuisine and hospitality

According to Tiffany Townsend, senior vice president of global communications at NYC & Company, New York is on track to receive 61,7 million visitors in 2023. This necessitates the provision of millions of outstanding dining, lodging, and entertainment options.

Cooks, sous-chefs, bakers, butchers, grocery store managers, and even cake decorators are a few examples of occupations within the food service industry. The pay ranges from $15 per hour to over $200,000 per year. No experience? Determine if you are eligible for training through the apprenticeship program of First Course NYC.

Initial Course The apprenticeship program in New York City provides training for employment in food service and hospitality.
Stefano Giovannini

The arrival of this industry in New York will bring with it a variety of employment opportunities, including budtenders (customer-facing salespeople), retail dispensary managers, weed messengers, and security guards, as well as growers, cultivators, trimmers, site managers, and production workers, among others. Those New Yorkers who have been awaiting the opening of recreational marijuana dispensaries should update their resumes.

Damian Fagon, chief equity officer at the New York State Office of Cannabis Management, thinks that the market for cannabis for recreational use will be enormous, and since key projects in New York are just beginning to take off, professional advancement potential are substantial. From minimal wage to six figures, wages vary.

The entrance of the cannabis sector in New York will bring a variety of new job opportunities.
Stefano Giovannini Healthcare

New Yorkers continue to age, and viruses such as COVID-19, RSV, and influenza have exacerbated an already stressed system.

“We need additional nurses. We will always require additional nurses, according to Jim McCoy, senior vice president of corporate solutions at Manpower Group. He explained that nursing schools are at capacity and cannot produce enough graduates to meet national demand. The same applies to physical and occupational therapists.

The city of New York is addressing the shortage by providing free training programs that prepare New Yorkers for careers in the healthcare industry. They consist of a citywide nurse residency program and a curriculum designed to help foreign-trained nurses improve their English and pass the New York State Registered Nurse licensing exam.

The number of graduates produced by nursing schools is insufficient to meet national demand.
Offshore wind farms

Staten Island will soon be home to a state-of-the-art offshore wind port facility for manufacturing and assembling wind turbine components, bringing with it uncharted employment opportunities.

As a result, New York State is allocating financing to the College of Staten Island to provide chosen New Yorkers interested in the business with access to high-quality laboratory experiences and courses centered on offshore wind and renewable energy.

A jobs center is planned for the waterfront, with a focus on “good-paying manufacturing and industrial jobs, including the delivery of a comprehensive hiring and wage program that supports local communities and creates broad-based opportunity, with an emphasis on opportunities for those in historically underserved communities,” according to the city.

There will be updates accessible at

Staten Island will host a state-of-the-art offshore wind port facility for manufacturing and assembling wind turbine components.
Medical billing

These employees must have specialized training in order to file medical bills and work with insurance companies. It is not impossible to learn on the job, but certification and/or an associate degree are required for the best prospects.

The City of New York has teamed with LaGuardia Community College, Weill Cornell Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System, and the Harvard Business School Club of New York to offer free training to individuals who qualify. In the New York City metropolitan area, medical billing professionals often earn $40,000 or more, with certificate holders earning more.


Preschool and elementary school teachers are quitting the profession at a rate that exceeds their replacements. “Since the epidemic began, we have lost 300,000 educators and 88,000 childcare workers, and they have not returned,” added McCoy.

While the typical path to become a teacher is to get a degree in education, New York City offers programs such as NYC Teaching Fellows and NYC Teaching Collaborative that may allow individuals with bachelor’s degrees in other fields enter the teaching profession more quickly. According to, public school teachers in New York City earn between $56,011 and $81,773 annually.

New York City offers programs that may enable bachelor’s degree holders in other fields enter education more quickly.
David McGlynn Developers of software

McCoy stated that one in ten employment in the United States is as a software developer. While colleges, universities and technical schools are the usual path, New York City and its partners have created an alternate way into the field through free training.

According to, software developers earn between $92,290 and $160,000 annually.


»These occupations are in high demand in New York City, and training is available«

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