The White House says that Joe Biden stands by his claims that he never spoke with his son Hunter about his business dealings despite revealing a voicemail where they did just that

The White House says that Joe Biden stands by his claims that he never spoke with his son Hunter about his business dealings despite revealing a voicemail where they did just that

Despite uncovering a voicemail where he did just that, the White House insisted that Joe Biden maintains by his claims that he never communicated with his son Hunter about his business transactions.

When questioned about the 2018 video of the president discussing his son’s contract with Chinese oil giants CEFC, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated on Tuesday that she would not comment on anything involving Hunter Biden’s damaging laptop.

During her daily briefing, Jean-Pierre repeatedly rebuked Fox News’ Peter Doocy, saying, “From this podium, I am not going to comment about supposed materials from the laptop.”

When Philip Wegmann of Real Clear News pressed Jean-Pierre further on the contents of voicemail and whether the government was being honest with the American people, Jean-Pierre responded, “I cannot comment on any information from the laptop.”

This time, Biden’s principal spokesman omitted the word “alleged.”

Jean-Pierre was questioned by Wegmann about whether Biden’s silence over Hunter and his international business dealings is in line with his pledge to “always be level” with the American people.

It is unclear whether Jean-Pierre is claiming that she is unable to comment on the situation due to legal restrictions or for some other reason, or if she is purposefully choosing not to do so.

Despite the message obviously indicating otherwise, Biden has repeatedly insisted he had no involvement with his adult son’s foreign business.

“If the president has maintained he has never spoken to his son about his international business transactions, why is there a voicemail of the president talking to his son about those dealings?” Doocy questioned, alluding to the voicemail that had discovered.

“The president’s remarks are valid.” Jean-Pierre added, “If that is what the president said, then that is what stands.

If the voice on the voicemail with Hunter was that of the president, Jean-Pierre would not respond to Doocy when prodded.

She said, “I recommend you to his son’s agents.”

Republican Rep. James Comer said he wasn’t surprised by the administration’s most recent non-answers. Comer is the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and will take over investigations if the GOP regains the majority in November.

It’s not surprising, he said, that Biden officials won’t respond to straightforward inquiries about Joe Biden’s connection to Hunter Biden’s dubious international business dealings.

Joe Biden maintains that he never discussed these business deals with Hunter, but there is growing proof that Joe Biden was the “Big Guy” and benefited from the Biden family’s dealings.

The Biden Administration won’t be able to continue withholding facts from the American people once Republicans regain control of the House. We’ll ask questions using the gavel.

Biden and Hunter spoke on the phone about his business contacts with a Chinese criminal that his son nicknamed the “spy head of China,” according to the voicemail obtained by and released on June 27.

Despite strong evidence to the contrary, Biden has consistently denied, both directly and through his press secretary, that he ever discussed Hunter’s international business with Hunter.

The proof was provided by the President of the United States in a voicemail left on Hunter’s iPhone.

On December 12, 2018, Joe called Hunter and said he wanted to talk to him about something he had seen in the New York Times concerning Hunter’s interactions with the Chinese oil firm CEFC.

According to documents found on Hunter’s laptop that were previously made public by, he struck a lucrative agreement with a Chinese company by bragging about his family connections.

The Times reported in 2018 that Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC, had been detained in China and that Patrick Ho, his top deputy, had been found guilty in the US of paying African authorities to aid Iran in evading oil sanctions.

It was made known that Ye and Hunter had met in 2017 to discuss “a cooperation to invest in American infrastructure and energy ventures” in a hotel in Miami.

When Ho was detained, according to The Times, he called Joe Biden’s brother Jim, who told the publication that he thought the call was intended for Hunter.

The Gray Lady, who at the time had no idea of the extent of Hunter Biden’s contacts with his Chinese business associates, stated that it was “unclear whether Hunter Biden struck any business partnerships with CEFC.”

Joe called Hunter and left a message after seeing the article online.

Hey buddy, this is Dad. It’s Wednesday night at 8:15. Just give me a call if you get a chance. Nothing pressing. He said, “I just wanted to talk to you.”

“I thought the article that was published online and will be printed in the Times tomorrow was good.” I believe you have it. In any case, give me a call if you have a chance; I love you.

The message contradicts the president’s repeated assertions that he ever spoke to his son about Hunter’s international business affairs.

The recently discovered voicemail was extracted from Hunter’s iPhone XS backup that was kept on his abandoned laptop.

Following the Times article’s publication, Hunter’s buddies sent him crude texts regarding Jim’s impolite remark to the publication that connected Hunter to Patrick Ho.

The following day, Hunter received a letter from Devon Archer, his longtime closest friend and business partner who is currently serving a year in prison for scamming a Native American tribe: “Nice quote from Uncle Jimmy. I hope you told him you appreciated it.

Hunter retorted, “Took that completely out of the context actually (sic) the text itself that it was said in.” “Either way, absolutely, I’m happy.”

Jim was telling the truth, it turned out. Ho got in touch with Hunter after he was taken into custody and gave the president’s son a $1 million retainer to function as his lawyer.

According to a copy of a FISA warrant obtained by, federal investigators were keeping an eye on Ho because he might be a spy for China.

Hunter also unintentionally captured himself referring to Ho as the “spy head of China” while holed up in a hotel room on a bender with a prostitute recording amateur sex movies.

In the May 11, 2018 recording, Hunter said to his female friend, “I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of the, literally, Dr. Patrick Ho—the f***ing spy chief of China who started the company that my partner [Jianming], who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing.”

“My partner, the wealthiest man in the world, is disappeared,” he said.

Ho’s status as the “spy chief of China” or a top Chinese intelligence official, as claimed by Hunter, has not been established.

Joe’s voicemail to Hunter about the Times article is the latest in an overwhelming body of evidence suggesting that he lied about not talking foreign business with his son.

In another example, the then-vice president attended a Washington, DC dinner with Hunter’s Ukrainian, Kazakh and Russian business associates in 2015.

Hunter told one of his guests in an email that the dinner was ‘ostensibly to discuss food security’, but was in fact an opportunity to introduce his potential clients and partners to his powerful father.

The White House at first denied Joe’s attendance, then when photographs emerged of Joe there, it claimed it was only a brief stop by.

Joe also met another of Hunter’s Chinese business partners, Jonathan Li, when he took his son on a 2013 Air Force 2 trip to China, and entertained Hunter’s Mexican billionaire business partners Carlos Slim and Miguel Aleman Velasco at the White House and the VP’s official residence.

Emails on Hunter’s abandoned laptop published by show that Hunter and Joe shared a bank account and paid each other’s bills, while Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin did Joe’s taxes.

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