The University of Florida College of Medicine imposes a ‘destructive’ woke agenda on its students, according to a report

The University of Florida College of Medicine imposes a ‘destructive’ woke agenda on its students, according to a report

According to a new study acquired exclusively by Fox News Digital, the University of Florida College of Medicine integrates critical race theory into its admissions and instructional programs.

Do No Harm, an organization of medical professionals opposed to divisive racial practices in medicine, states in its report that the institution employs “equity” efforts to teach a new generation of “antiracists” in medical areas, two concepts central to critical race theory. These measures include active recruiting of “underrepresented groups,” recommended readings on diversity and equity for aspiring students, and an ethics code that teaches how to combat unconscious prejudice.

The College of Medicine indoctrinates its medical school graduates with controversial ideas and various sorts of social justice activism. The conditioning begins when a prospective student begins researching UFCOM, continues during the admissions process, and continues throughout the PhD program.”

According to the study prepared by Laura Morgan, MSN, RN, “new students confront the diversity, equity, and inclusion philosophy early and frequently in their contacts with the campus’s multiple health equity offices and diversity councils.” The University of Florida invests substantial funds in these programs and keeps administrators and academic members who are compensated to promote these harmful concepts.

The University of Florida College of Medicine has included critical race theory into its teaching curriculum, according to a recent article.

According to the article, the admissions office’s homepage has a photo of masked students kneeling with their fists up and waving a placard that reads “#WHITECOATSFORBLACKLIVES.”

The UFCOM admissions page claims, “We strive for an admissions culture that is contemplative, knowledgeable, and inclusive, committed to establishing a diverse community of future physicians who share a dedication to quality and equity in healthcare.”

This “Black Lives Matter” statement on the website has a link to “Resources for Combating Systemic Racism,” which includes a reading titled “Guidelines for Being a Strong White Ally.”

The college’s diversity statement indicates a preference for minority employees and students by stating that they “actively promote the recruiting and retention of underrepresented groups for its student body, residency training programs, faculty, and staff positions.” Dr. Donna M. Parker, the college’s assistant dean for diversity and health equality, stated that doctors must be assisted in overcoming their prejudices towards disadvantaged populations.

Parker stated, “We as physicians must overcome our prejudices by being conscious of them.” “We take an oath to deliver superior patient care. This must be the case for all patients.”

The dean’s office at the institution did not reply to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

The report on the University of Florida College of Medicine was published days after a federal court invalidated a Florida law intended to prohibit public universities from imposing “a condition of employment, membership, certification, licensing, credentialing, or passing an examination” that singles out a particular identity as superior or inferior. The judge ruled that the law violated the professors’ First Amendment rights and referred to them as “priests of democracy.”

According to the study, the University of Florida spent $2.1 million on diversity programs in 2017. According to its equity report, senior administrators are assessed based on their “diversity and equity achievements.”

The university’s medical students utilize the George A. Smathers Libraries, which have a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team. One of the libraries renamed a section after Karl Marx after receiving backlash from the public.

The school’s General Inclusive Hiring Badge is earned by completing 14 diversity courses and has “the purpose of enhancing the integrity and efficacy of the search and selection procedure.”



»The University of Florida College of Medicine imposes a ‘destructive’ woke agenda on its students, according to a report«

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