The traumatic experience of Darlene Hulse’s death on her daughters

The traumatic experience of Darlene Hulse’s death on her daughters

In 1984, Darlene Hulse was brutally murdered in her home in Argos, leaving her two young daughters, Marie and Melissa, traumatized.

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Marie heard unfamiliar sounds while bathing with Melissa and went to investigate, only to find a stranger beating her mother at the doorway.

Marie rushed to call her aunt for help, but the stranger dragged her mother towards her and pulled the phone out of the wall.

Marie and Melissa managed to escape through the back door and sought refuge at their grandparent’s house, leaving their 1-year-old sister, Kristen, behind.

Police found a trail of blood leading to the stranger’s vehicle, believed to be parked nearby. The next day, Hulse’s body was found in a remote, wooded area about 6 miles from the crime scene.

Officers believed the suspect was someone local and that the murder was premeditated, as the spot where the body was found was in a remote area with an old fence.

Despite evidence, such as fireplace tools and a bloody chunk of carpet, investigators have been unable to identify a suspect due to a lack of DNA evidence.

However, in 2019, detectives started over with fresh eyes, tracking down persons of interest and conducting interviews.

They also sent new pieces of evidence to the Indiana State Police Crime Lab, but as of now, there are no further updates on the case.

Hulse’s daughters, now grown up, continue to wonder who would do such a thing to their mother. The youngest daughter, Kristen, has grown up in fear, knowing that evil is real.

The case remains ice-cold, frustrating investigators and Hulse’s family, who believe that justice has been denied for too long.

»The traumatic experience of Darlene Hulse’s death on her daughters«

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