The royal couple will visit the UK next month

Despite the continuing dispute about their police security, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will return the United Kingdom next month for the first time since the Platinum Jubilee to attend a charity event.

Harry and Meghan will visit Germany as part of their vacation to help “several causes near and dear to their hearts,” according to a spokeswoman for the couple.The royal couple will visit the UK next monthIt follows reports last month that the Queen had invited the Sussexes to spent time with them at Balmoral this summer

On September 5, the pair will fly to Manchester to attend the One Young World Summit, an event that brings together young leaders from over 190 nations.

The Duchess of Sussex, along with Justin Trudeau, Sir Richard Branson, and Jamie Oliver, is a counsellor for the organization.


They will next go to Germany for the Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023 One Year to Go event, returning to the United Kingdom on September 8 for the WellChild Awards.


Their journey to the United Kingdom will mark their first return to the nation since the Platinum Jubilee festivities in early June.


A representative for the pair said, “Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have accepted the Queen’s invitation to spend the summer with them in Balmoral.


A source at Balmoral told The Sun on Sunday, ‘Staff have been instructed to anticipate the whole royal family, including Harry, Meghan, and their children Archie and Lilibet.


They are getting ready for the Sussexes.


If they choose to accept the invitation, their children Archie and Lilibet would be able to meet their great-grandmother.


Nevertheless, it is said that the Sussexes would not spend time with other royals like as Charles and William.


During this summer’s busy preparations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, according to another royal source, Harry and Meghan “barely had 15 minutes” with the monarch.


Another insider reportedly said, “I would be astonished if they showed there.”


Traditionally, the Queen spends the whole month of August and a portion of September at her home in the Scottish Highlands.


The Sussex’s return to the United Kingdom was announced as a new royal biography made explosive revelations about the Duchess of Sussex.


Tom Bower, the author of a new insider’s biography of the royal couple titled Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors, said that the Duchess ‘thought the royal family would be like Hollywood.’


During an interview with Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkes on Good Morning Britain, he said that Meghan lost interest in the royal family after realizing it was “a lot of effort for little return.”


The author said, “It is incorrect to suggest that she was a renowned actress; she was a mediocre actress, and Suits was only viewed by one million people.”


During the interview, the author confessed that many of his sources were Meghan’s enemies, since she had cautioned her closest friends not to talk to him.


Ben, the host, said to Tom, “She was a renowned actress.” She had a strong reputation in Hollywood and Suits was a globally broadcast series, so people were aware of her.’


Tom argued with the presenter in reference to Meghan’s Vanity Fair cover when dating Prince Harry.


He said, “Well, we won’t dispute, but I disagree with you.” Even Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair who commissioned the essay, had never heard of her or Suits prior to her meeting Harry.


He was recently informed that anybody who marries Harry would become famous, and so she was.


She told her father, “I want to be famous, I want to walk the red carpet,” and by marrying Harry, she accomplished her goal.


The writer continued by stating that he feels the royal family made significant efforts to accommodate Meghan and include her into the family.


He said, “People were ecstatic that a daughter of mixed race was on the way,” adding, “It was going to be a tremendous development for the royal family.”


However, he said that “it went wrong,” and that he has “explained in detail” why it went wrong in his new book.


“Both sides are to fault, but I blame Meghan the most since I don’t feel she understood the monarchy,” he said.


The author went on to explain that he obtained most of his material for the book from Meghan’s enemies since she had cautioned her closest associates not to talk to him.


He said, “She made it very plain to all of her friends and those who work for her not to speak to me, so it was a bit of an uphill battle, but I was able to speak to around 80 individuals.”


Ben then inquired as to how the book could be objective since it is known that the persons interviewed dislike Meghan.


The author said, “Because I filtered thorough, I never include false or unverifiable information.”


“You know, I have some appreciation for Meghan; she’s accomplished a lot in her life with her objectives, and I’ve been able to manage everything,” she said.


The author said that no lawsuits have been filed by the Royal couple’s legal team, but Bower is no stranger to court for his controversial biographies.


Two unauthorized biographies of Robert Maxwell, the father of convicted British sex offender and erstwhile socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, found Bower in deep water with the law, but he finally prevailed in the multitude of proceedings brought against him.


The author has previously written on corporate tycoons such as Richard Branson, Conrad Black, and Bernie Ecclestone, but in his most recent work he has focused on the Sussex family.


The publication date was July 21.

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