The Project hosts want Andrew Tate blacklisted for’misogyny’

The Project hosts want TikTok to blacklist Andrew Tate for promoting’misogyny’

Andrew Tate, 35, is a British-American kickboxer-turned-podcaster who promotes a’masculine’ lifestyle with cigars, private planes, and insulting women.

Abbie Chatfield (above) pointed out that one of her videos was removed by TikTok because she was wearing a 'white singlet' but 'there's endless videos of (Tate) saying that women are property and other extremely, vilely misogynistic things'

He’s told his millions of followers he’s abusive against women and condones rape.

Rachel Corbett and Abbie Chatfield called on TikTok to delete Tate’s footage on Sunday’s programme.

They were worried about how Tate’s material influences adolescent guys to degrade women.

Ms. Corbett said kids consider Instagram and TikTok’s 11.6 billion views a success.

‘That means (misogynistic) beliefs must be excellent since Tate is renowned, therefore I want to mimic that.

I think TikTok should eliminate sexist messages because it’s hazardous.

Tate’s videos have been seen 11billion times despite TikTok’s restriction on sexist material.

Chatfield contrasted how TikTok handles Tate’s and her stuff.

She remarked, “I submitted a TikTok with a white singlet and bra, and it was erased in a minute.”

There are many recordings of him declaring women are property and other nasty stuff. How does it go through but I don’t?

Andrew Tate, born in Chicago and reared in Bedfordshire, has become ‘the king of toxic masculinity’ on TikTok.

His material degrades women to ‘property’ and pushes males to adopt a ‘hustler lifestyle,’ and adolescent boys equate his popularity and money with maltreatment of women.

Andrew Tate's videos include detailed descriptions of hitting and choking women and describing women as 'property'

After only a few hours on TikTok, over half of an adolescent boy’s content is about Andrew Tate.

Tate’s ‘Hustler’s University’ offers get-rich-quick schemes employing bitcoin, property, or e-commerce.

Over 127,000 students are enrolled.

Tate rose to stardom when a video of him hitting his girlfriend with a belt appeared online.

Tate told a lady to count her injuries in subsequent recordings.

Tate and the lady deny abuse.

Since then, he’s faced sexism, racism, and human trafficking claims.

Romania is investigating him for human trafficking and sexual abuse.

Now, 13-year-olds are exposed to his vile rants that glorify punching and choking women.

Tate describes attacking a woman who accused him of cheating in a video.

“Bang the machete, boom in her face, and grab her neck.” He said, “Shush.”

In other recordings, he discusses tossing a woman’s belongings out a window, calling an ex-girlfriend a ‘stupid h**,’ and dating 18-19-year-olds to’make an impression’ on them.

Tate’s fortune is estimated between $35 million and $400 million, and he earned his first million aged 27.

White Ribbon stated Tate’s nasty discussion about women might ‘normalise violence’

Men and boys who watch and listen to unfavourable portrayals of masculinity may adopt these attitudes and behaviours, feeling they are the ‘perfect guy.’

This means seeming harsh, forceful, and emotionless. These attributes define ‘being a male’ and ‘being a woman’ Traditional and negative preconceptions limit women’s and men’s roles in society, causing gender inequity.

This puts pressure on men and boys, damaging their mental health and self-image, and produces harmful cultures and situations for women and girls.

The Project panelist Rachel Corbett (above) said Tate's content is dangerous as young boys can see his wealth and fame and want to emulate his views

Sexist and disparaging statements, dominating behaviour, and physical and sexual abuse create settings where males kill women.

Misogyny and other hateful attitudes and behaviours are not accepted on TikTok, and we are reviewing this material and taking action against offenders.

As part of our effort to make TikTok a safe and inclusive environment for our community, we’re always looking to update our rules and enforcement techniques, including our recommendation system.

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