The Prime Minister has failed to dampen speculation in recent days that he could go to the country if Sir Keir Starmer is forced to quit as Labour leader over Beergate

The Prime Minister has failed to dampen speculation in recent days that he could go to the country if Sir Keir Starmer is forced to quit as Labour leader over Beergate

Boris Johnson today said holding a sudden election would be ‘absolutely stupid’ – but declined to specify if his current term of office will last two more months or two more years.

The Prime Minister has failed to quash rumours in recent days that he could go to the country if Sir Keir Starmer is forced to retire as Labour leader over Beergate.

Sir Keir is expecting to learn out this month if he is to be penalised by Durham Police for curry and beers he shared with colleagues on the election train during the Covid pandemic.

He has committed to quit if proven to have broken the rules.

Reports have claimed the PM could try to capitalise on Labour disarray if that happens by calling an election, despite being down in the polls following months of scandals.

Asked in an interview with LBC radio today whether the idea of an early election is ludicrous, Mr Johnson replied: ‘Entirely, totally.’

But he declined to answer if he has two years or two months left as Prime Minister, saying: ‘I’m going to deliver on our programme.’

The next general election is not planned until 2024 — and could be conducted as late as January 2025.

However, the Prime Minister now has the authority to call one at any moment after MPs abolished the Fixed-term Parliaments Act.

“What my job is, is to talk about the Government’s agenda, to talk about policy, to talk about the UK, to talk about how we’re addressing the cost-of-living crisis, to talk about everything we’re doing to strengthen the UK economy, and to talk about our plan for a stronger economy, which is what I believe in,” Mr. Johnson continued.

“Talk about leveling up; that’s the plan to move this nation ahead. That is what I desire. I truly wanted to talk about that.

After a series of close-spaced elections and referendums in recent years, the Prime Minister’s allies have expressed concern that there may be a backlash from voters if Mr. Johnson called another election.

In a number of recent by-elections for seats they previously held in North Shropshire, Chesham and Amersham, Tiverton and Honiton, and Wakefield, the Tories also suffered crushing defeats.

As a result of deputy chief whip Chris Pincher’s departure from his party role yesterday night due to a groping allegation, they might also encounter another in Tamworth.

After having too much to drink at the exclusive Carlton Club in London, home of the Tories, he said he had “embarrassed himself and other people.”

However, Mr. Johnson has been instructed to revoke the Tamworth MP’s Tory whip after it was discovered that he was given the crucial responsibility of upholding party discipline in February despite claims that he lacked self control.

In 2017, after being accused of making an unwelcome move at him by a Tory candidate, he publicly apologized and quit as a whip.

Today, Politco identified Mr. Pincher as the Conservative MP who was alleged to have needed a “minder” to go with him to events to keep him out of trouble, a claim that the Conservatives have refuted.

According to No. 10, no further action is necessary because Pincher has resigned from his position as whip.

However, detractors noted that Neil Parish had resigned as the MP for Tiverton and Honiton for viewing porn in the Commons, which was a less serious offense than an alleged sexual assault.

This led to the last week’s by-election, where the Lib Dems won the seat by overturning a Tory majority of more than 24,000 voters. Although Mr. Pincher holds a 20,000 vote margin in Staffordshire, Labour previously held the seat for 13 years before he was elected in 2010.

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