The Legacy of Father Bob Maguire: A Life Dedicated to Charity and the Catholic Church

The Legacy of Father Bob Maguire: A Life Dedicated to Charity and the Catholic Church

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Father Bob Maguire’s Final Days: Claims of Treachery and a Sudden Death


Father Bob Maguire, the well-loved Catholic priest and charity founder, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 88.

In his final days, he claimed to be under ambush from treacherous enemies, as evidenced in his last tweet.

Father Bob was a prominent Melbourne icon and had been in the public eye for decades, known for his candid commentary and work with the disadvantaged.

Father Bob’s Claims and Charity Controversy

Father Bob had complained about ‘treachery’ and claimed that he had been sacked by the charity he founded, the Father Bob Maguire Foundation, just two days before his death.

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The foundation’s board refuted that he was sacked and clarified that he was no longer eligible to be on the board.


Despite this, Father Bob described the situation as a ‘bloody mess’ and expressed his hurt.

Father Bob’s Death and Family Statement

Father Bob’s family confirmed his death, saying that he had been in declining health for some time, both physically and mentally.

They described Father Bob as a dear and much-loved member of their family, a champion for the underprivileged, and a man who fought for the highest of principles.

The family expressed their gratitude to the medical staff who attended to him in recent months.

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Father Bob’s Life and Legacy

Born to Scottish immigrants in Melbourne in 1934, Father Bob became a priest at the age of 25 and dedicated his life to charitable work and the Catholic Church.

He was known for his work with disadvantaged people in his South Melbourne parish and his appearances in the national media.


Father Bob was also a commentator on John Safran’s radio show, covering topics such as religion, culture, and politics.

Father Bob was asked to resign from the Catholic Church at the age of 75 but managed to stay on for another two years.

He accused Cardinal George Pell of punishing him for being ‘open to all’ and described his exit as a ‘dishonorable discharge.’

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In recent years, he had conducted his charity work through the Father Bob Maguire Foundation, which provided free meals, education programs, advocacy services, and other outreach programs to vulnerable people in Melbourne’s inner southeast.

Tributes to Father Bob

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and NSW Premier Chris Minns were among those who paid tribute to Father Bob, calling him a great Australian, a social justice warrior, and a hero.

Melbourne City FC, a local soccer club, also expressed its condolences and remembered Father Bob as a Melbourne icon and a legend of the city.

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