The Latest Collection by Platinum Days of Love is an Ode to A Love that Promises to Remember all that it is Grateful for

Over the last few years, we have realized of how fragile life is, making us value what we have, and cherish the relationships that we hold closest. When everything stood still, couples stood right by each other. They forged new pathways for each other when challenges took over and their dreams took a backseat. They learnt to recognize and fight unknown moments of stress, hand in hand. They have leaned on love like never before seeking comfort and hope and nurturing each other with strength & tenacity. And thus, for a love like this, everything falls short to express gratitude.

Gratitude is said to be the memory of the heart. When couples express their gratitude to one another, it leads to a relationship that is built on a sense of joy, contentment and security. When all the reasons for being grateful build up to a moment and words fall short, its then that they seek something extraordinary and rare to etch that moment of love. Partners today remember their tumultuous journey and are grateful for everything. It is these memories that are engraved in time & the gratitude for having each other every step of the way that makes their love rare.

As an ode to this love, Platinum Days of Love launches its latest collection of Platinum Love bands. Crafted with 95% pure platinum, these love bands are an ideal marker of a rare love built on shared gratitude for one another.

Platinum, a metal of celestial origins, was brought to earth by a meteorite crash over 2 billion years ago. Found in trace quantities, in only a few parts of the world, this metal is 30 times rarer than gold. It is a metal that can stand the test of time, and due to its inherent strength and non-corrosive nature, it does not change shape or form or tarnish over time. Because of these properties, the stunning white metal is resistant to wear & tear and is rare and resilient akin to the strong bond of love shared by these couples. It’s a marker of love that has held on through thick & thin, conquering all that’s come in its way.

The design language of this collection includes geometric patterns, delicate markings, intricate motifs, clean lines, embellishments of diamonds and even a two-tone play of metal. Replete with coils, chords, dovetail, jigsaw-like patterns along with the interplay of organic mesh, knots, waves, folds and links, the designs have been exquisitely created. Each set of platinum love bands carries a meaningful story of a love that is truly rare.

Here are a few of our favourite picks and the meaning behind those designs:

Platinum Love Bands by Platinum Days of Love

These Love Bands with matched geometric textures, serve as an ode to your love that remembers all the times you mirrored each other’s courage, never afraid to face what was thrown at you, head on.

Just as the both of you remain resilient in the face of it all, so does Platinum – a metal that’s just as enduring as the love you share.

Platinum Love Bands by Platinum Days of Love

The layers of overlapping metal on these Love Bands, cross over to emerge more refined, bolder and courageous, just like your love that became better in the face of testing times. To have built a bond that will stay just as resolute going ahead, you are grateful. And for a love that’s rare and strong as yours, only Platinum, a metal thats equally strong will do.

Platinum Love Bands by Platinum Days of Love

The wave like motifs etched in Platinum, cup sparkling diamonds, guarding them for eternity. Symbolising how the two of you, too, have protected what’s most precious to you – your love.

Let these rings be a reminder of how through waves of turbulence you held onto each other’s hands, always thankful for the strength and support you share. A strength that’s matched only by platinum’s hold on diamonds – secure for ages to come, making for the perfect ode to your rare love.

The collection is available here:

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Instagram: @platinumdaysoflove

About Platinum Guild International (PGI)

Platinum Guild International (PGI) is a marketing organisation with the vision to develop the global platinum jewellery market as a new demand source for platinum. It was formed in 1975 with specialist teams dedicated to growing the global platinum jewellery market through consumer and trade-facing programmes in the four key jewellery markets of China, India, Japan and USA. Since then, jewellery development has demonstrated a strong track record in delivering results.

Through various programmes, both direct-to-consumer and in collaboration with jewellery retailers and manufacturers, PGI creates consumer ounce demand by first identifying opportunities for platinum in jewellery, and then developing them with partners. It also aims to build an enduring commitment to platinum in jewellery.

PGI’s consumer marketing and educational programmes are focused on developing awareness and an appreciation for platinum’s unique properties as a precious metal for fine jewellery.

In addition, PGI works globally with collaborative partners running extensive marketing programmes in the four main platinum jewellery markets of China, Japan, USA and India. These markets are staffed with experts in strategic planning, marketing, retail, design and business development.

Since 2015 PGI has been headquartered in Hong Kong. PGI is funded by the leading platinum producers of South Africa, as well as through co-funded programmes with the jewellery industry.

Purity Assurance Program

PGI has partnered with TUV India Pvt. Ltd. to implement a robust audit programme to ensure the purity of platinum under its programme. TUV is one of the country’s first certification bodies and has been closely associated with the quality revolution in India.

Under Platinum Guild India’s quality assurance programme, each individual piece of jewellery has an assured purity as high as 95%. And as a proof of this assurance, every piece is stamped ‘Pt950’ and comes with a tamper-proof quality assurance card that distinguishes authentic platinum from other jewellery.

A Unique Identification Number is also stamped on the jewellery in addition to the detailed description of the piece you choose for yourself. Our quality assurance programme is in place to ensure transparency and that the platinum the consumer buys is of the highest quality. After all, that is what true value is all about.

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