The Fallout of Prince Andrew’s Disastrous BBC Newsnight Interview realized

The Fallout of Prince Andrew’s Disastrous BBC Newsnight Interview realized

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

According to a new documentary, Queen Elizabeth II gave Prince Andrew a “tap on the shoulder” after realizing that his BBC Newsnight interview was a disaster.


Emily Maitlis, who conducted the interview, revealed that Prince Andrew had to seek permission from the Queen to do the television interview.

After reading the transcript, the Queen realized the interview was a disaster before Prince Andrew did.

As a result of the interview, Prince Andrew had to step down as a working member of the Royal Family.

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His lawyer, Paul Tweed, admitted he was stunned that Prince Andrew agreed to do the interview and had thought someone would stop it from happening.

The reaction in the Palace was devastating.

Failing to Disassociate Himself from Jeffrey Epstein


During the interview, Prince Andrew gave a series of bad answers and failed to distance himself from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Emily Maitlis noted that he missed every opportunity to disassociate himself from Epstein.

As the interview progressed, Maitlis realized it may not have been Prince Andrew’s best decision, as it turned into a tidal wave of bad answers.

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Prince Andrew’s interview with BBC Newsnight was widely considered a public relations disaster.

It was clear from the start that the interview was not going to go well, as Prince Andrew seemed unprepared and out of touch with reality.

His lack of remorse and empathy for the victims of Epstein’s crimes only added to the public outrage.

The fact that Queen Elizabeth II had to intervene and give Prince Andrew a “tap on the shoulder” speaks to the seriousness of the situation.

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It was a clear indication that the interview was a significant misstep for the Royal Family, and they were scrambling to contain the damage.

In the end, Prince Andrew had to step down from his royal duties, and his reputation has been permanently tarnished.

The fallout from the interview continues to this day, and it’s clear that it will be a defining moment in Prince Andrew’s legacy.


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