The Curse of the Lottery, A Young Millionaire’s Regrets

The Curse of the Lottery, A Young Millionaire’s Regrets

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

The UK’s youngest ever EuroMillions winner, Jane Park, regrets winning £1 million at the age of 17, according to an episode of the US TV show Dr Phil titled “The Curse of the Lottery.”


In the show, she revealed that the moment she won big in 2013 “ruined” her life.

Jane, who is now 27 and from Edinburgh, spent her winnings on cosmetic surgeries and fancy holidays but does not look back at that time in a positive light.

Jane recently appeared on an episode of the US TV show Dr Phil
Jane recently appeared on an episode of the US TV show Dr Phil

The episode aired on Monday and saw Dr Phil ask Jane about dealing with that much money at such a young age.

Jane replied, “I splashed out a bit because I never knew the value of a million pounds, I’d never seen that kind of money.

I never knew anyone with that kind of money, so I kind of splashed out on stuff that I’ve always wanted.”

However, her winnings came with several negative consequences, including stalkers, death threats, and people hiding in the bushes and commenting on everything she did.

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Jane was encouraged to make herself public after winning the jackpot, due to her age and the unlikely story.

Her winnings were spent on surgeries, including a boob job and a Brazilian bum lift, and it was surgery that almost killed her when she developed sepsis.

Jane after winning the jackpot in 2013
Jane after winning the jackpot in 2013

Speaking to the Sunday People in 2017, Jane previously discussed other downsides to her big win, such as struggling to find a partner and missing jetting off on cheap holidays to Benidorm.

Now an influencer with over 200,000 followers on Instagram and an OnlyFans page, Jane still receives online abuse from people who think they know more about her life than they actually do.

She stated, “These people seem to think they know more about my life, and it’s hard because when I was younger obviously I read the comments, and they affected me.

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Jane replied: 'I wish I'd never won it, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.'
Jane replied: ‘I wish I’d never won it, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.’

These people have never met me, they’ve probably never seen me.”

In retrospect, Jane wishes she had never won the lottery and stated, “I wish I’d never won it, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

My life would be so much easier if I hadn’t won.”


The negative effects of her win continue to impact her life ten years later.


Jane Park’s story highlights the complex nature of sudden wealth and the potential pitfalls that can come with it.

While many people dream of winning the lottery, Jane’s experience shows that sudden wealth can be overwhelming, especially for someone so young.

The pressure to make good decisions and the scrutiny that comes with a public profile can take a toll on mental health and relationships.

Jane’s story is a reminder that money can’t solve all problems and that it’s essential to have a support system in place to navigate the challenges that come with sudden wealth.

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While it’s easy to imagine that winning the lottery would solve all problems, the reality is much more complicated, and it’s essential to consider the potential consequences before entering a lottery or other high-stakes game.

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