The Aloha bar, which sits on the main street close to the Praia da Rocha in Portimão, is bombarded

Footage of the shocking attack on a pub in a vacation resort in the Algarve region of Portugal last week by a group of unruly British youths has surfaced.

A bunch of young men deluged the Aloha bar in Portimo with a torrent of plastic chairs and patio equipment.

The bar is located on the main street close to the Praia da Rocha.

Some of the group reportedly got into a fight with another clan at the bar, but when staff and security sought to step in, they turned on them, according to local news sources.

Against about one in the morning local time on Tuesday, June 20, the youngsters started throwing furniture at the bar’s glass doors in an obnoxious and ostensibly unjustified attack.

Despite the video appearing to show no attempts on the part of the personnel to retaliate, they proceeded to target employees who stood outside trying to stop the furniture from smashing the glass.

Seven of the youths involved in the attack have been identified, according to a statement made by Portugal’s Portimo civil police department (PSP), who tracked them down to a nearby hotel.

In the meantime, Portimo Council demanded increased security in the region, announcing to the publication Portugal Resident that it intended to put 32 CCTV cameras all around the city, particularly in Praia da Rocha and its main boulevard, in an effort to lower violent crime there.

The Minister of Internal Administration also informed the local government that PSP would establish a permanent fast response team at Praia da Rocha to stop future property attacks of a similar nature.

Before the 1980s, Praia da Rocha on the south coast of Portugal was a sleepy fishing village.

Then, the local government and business community wholeheartedly embraced the tourism sector.

The area has developed into a full-fledged resort with a number of opulent hotels dotting a vibrant center of bars and eateries.

Additional attractions like water parks and a marina complex have also been added.

However, because to street battles and bar brawls fueled by alcohol, the area has recently seen a number of violent incidents.

Last Tuesday’s incident occurred just one week after another large-scale riot at Praia da Rocha, where two sizable groups of foreign visitors engaged in fistfights and similarly hurled outdoor furniture at one another outside of a bar.

The PSP reported that some of the people involved needed medical help and had criminal histories.

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