Tensions Rise as Public Clashes with Just Stop Oil Protesters During Rush Hour

Tensions Rise as Public Clashes with Just Stop Oil Protesters During Rush Hour

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

The Public Fights Back: Mother’s Plea and Commuter’s Action Amidst Just Stop Oil Protests


In the midst of morning rush hour, tensions reached a boiling point as angry members of the public clashed with Just Stop Oil (JSO) protesters who were blocking roads with their slow marching.

A video clip that emerged today captured a furious mother pleading with the protesters to let her take her kids to school.

Expressing her frustration, she exclaimed, “I need to get my kids to school!

Four of them I’ve just left on the bus, and one’s only four months old. You lot are taking the p***.”

Despite her impassioned plea, the activists remained unmoved, refusing to make way for her or other frustrated commuters.

Dramatic footage showcased the mounting frustration of commuters as they resorted to tearing down JSO banners from the protesters’ hands.


Meanwhile, motorists honked their horns incessantly in an attempt to navigate through the blockage.

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In one particularly striking moment, an enraged motorcyclist revved his engine and forcefully drove through the crowd of activists, ignoring their attempts to stop him.

The incident occurred on the A12 in Gants Hill, as multiple JSO protests took place across various locations this morning.

The Metropolitan Police were present at the scene of the slow march in Redbridge, ensuring public safety.

Another motorcyclist, visibly angry, shouted “scumbags” as he passed by the demonstrators.

The Met Police provided updates on the situation, stating that Section 12 conditions were imposed on the protesters involved in the Gants Hill protest, resulting in the road being cleared just minutes after the notice was issued.

Similar conditions were also imposed in other locations, such as Kennington Lane in Vauxhall, where two JSO supporters were arrested for non-compliance.

One of those arrested, Aaron Gunning, expressed his frustration while being apprehended.


He introduced himself as a recent physics graduate, peacefully marching for approximately five minutes before being detained.

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Aaron conveyed his desire for action on the climate crisis and expressed disappointment in being arrested for advocating change.

The Met Police confirmed that Section 12 conditions were issued in Kennington Lane, leading most protesters to vacate the road, while two individuals were arrested for non-compliance.

Meanwhile, Just Stop Oil supporters began their seventh consecutive week of marching through central London, demanding a complete cessation of new oil, gas, and coal projects in the UK.

Pia Baas, a 29-year-old community worker participating in the protest, emphasized her democratic right to express dissent and resist a government that prioritizes the interests of billionaires and fossil fuel companies over the welfare of the people.

Pia voiced her fear of impending social and environmental crises and emphasized her refusal to stand idly by, declaring, “Not in my name.”

In a separate development, it was disclosed that Just Stop Oil activists could face the prospect of having their driving licenses suspended as part of a new crackdown.

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Judges might be granted additional powers to enforce suspensions for individuals who violate public order laws, specifically targeting environmental activists.


This measure aims to address the mounting public anger towards the disruptive protests orchestrated by the group, including their habit of obstructing major roads.

Government officials anticipate that such repercussions might dissuade these activists by subjecting them to the same inconveniences they inflict on others.

Notably, the law has already been revised to enable prompt police action in removing protesters from roads or arresting them.

The potential policy of license suspension further emphasizes the government’s determination to mitigate the disruptions caused by environmental protesters and restore order to public spaces.

Overall, the ongoing clash between the public, particularly frustrated commuters, and Just Stop Oil protesters highlights the intensifying tensions surrounding the issue of climate activism and the challenges faced by both sides in finding common ground.


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