Teenage Suspects Arrested for Murder of Three in Central Florida

Teenage Suspects Arrested for Murder of Three in Central Florida

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

REVEALED: 17-Year-Old Arrested with 12-Year-Old for Killing Three Teens was Previously Arrested for Stealing a Gun


On Friday, Robert Robinson, 17, and Christopher Atkins, 12, were charged with the murder of three teenagers in central Florida on March 30.

However, hours before the murders, the boys robbed a man at gunpoint.

They had arranged to meet him and sell him a gun for $240, but instead of selling it, they pulled guns on him and stole the cash.

The victim was pistol-whipped, and one shot was fired towards him before he managed to escape.

Surveillance camera footage captured the incident, and the car used in the robbery belonged to a member of the Silvernail family, with whom the suspects and victims were all associated in some way with a gang involved in robberies and burglaries.

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Tahj Brewton, 17, remains at large, and a $10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to his arrest.


Armed Robbery Details

On the evening of March 30, Robinson and Atkins drove to the victim’s house, and he got into their car.

The gun was placed on his lap, and he gave them $240.

However, one of the boys snatched the gun back and pistol-whipped him.

Both suspects then pointed guns at the victim, who managed to escape and run towards his house.

One shot was fired towards him, and the suspects sped off in the car belonging to the Silvernail family.

Details of the Murders

Less than four hours later, Layla Silvernail, 16, was found dead from a gunshot wound.


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Her body was dumped in a dumpster.

The police report does not reveal whether she was in the car at the time of the armed robbery, but a member of her family was with the suspects shortly before it happened.

Two other teenage victims were found shortly after Layla Silvernail: an unnamed 17-year-old boy was found less than a mile away on the side of a road, and 16-year-old Camille Quarles was found on April 1 inside Silvernail’s car, which was partially submerged in a pond.

The Search for Tahj Brewton

Brewton remains at large, and the sheriff in Ocklawaha, Florida, vowed to find him.

The suspects and victims were all associated with a gang involved in robberies and burglaries.

The sheriff stated that the suspects “turned on our three victims and murdered them.”

He added that the suspects left a lot of evidence in their wake, and he had to “stare into the eyes” of the suspects’ mothers.

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The arrest of a 12-year-old and a 17-year-old for the murder of three teenagers is a tragic and disturbing event.

The fact that the suspects were also involved in an armed robbery just hours before the murders is especially alarming.

It highlights the need for better gun control measures and for parents and authorities to monitor children’s activities more closely.

The involvement of a gang in the crimes is also troubling and underscores the importance of addressing the root causes of gang violence.

The search for Tahj Brewton is ongoing, and anyone with information should come forward to help bring him to justice.


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