Teenage girl and pizza delivery person attacked by vicious pitbull in Rochdale

Before being fatally shot by police, a vicious pitbull attacked a teenage girl and a pizza delivery man on a popular neighborhood where “kids always play,” according to neighbors.

The dog bit the girl on the arm and leg as she stooped down to stroke it, according to residents of Morley Street in Rochdale, where the vicious dog had been roaming free for hours on Friday night.

It is said that after biting a pizza delivery driver as he stepped out of his car, it then spent 45 minutes hiding under a trailer on the street.

The dog was shot dead on the doorstep of a terraced house 20 yards from the attacks by police, who arrived at the scene at 9.30pm after the attack began at around 7pm.

Police said nobody was seriously injured by the dog.

Teenage girl and pizza delivery person attacked by vicious pitbull in RochdaleAccording to a neighbor, the attacks could have been lot worse because Morley Street is very congested and everyone sits outside at night while the kids play outside.

They also said the cops handled the situation quite professionally by giving the dog some time to settle down and requesting that everyone remain inside.

It began to walk toward a female police officer, who tasered it, according to a neighbor. When the dog began to run, they immediately shot it.

I’ve never witnessed anything like it, nor have I ever witnessed a gun being shot. It made me feel bad.

The girl’s blood from the dog bite, the neighbor said, caused her to drop her phone.

Another eyewitness remarked, “It was nasty and brutal.” About 20 police officers were present. They stopped.

‘At first I think they shot with him with a Taser. Then I heard another shot. It ran down the street trying to get in all the houses.

‘He was limping. Then they shot him on the doorstep.

‘It was so loud. You could still smell the gunpowder about half an hour later.

‘My daughter was upstairs. She couldn’t stop crying, she was so scared.’

Greater Manchester Police said in a statement on Saturday: ‘At around 9.30pm last night (Friday, August 6), police were called to reports of a dog loose on Morley Street, Rochdale.

‘Officers attended and found that two members of the public had been bitten by the dog who was acting in an aggressive manner.

‘Unfortunately, due to the nature of the incident, the dog was humanely destroyed as a safety precaution due to the number of people in the area and the injuries caused. Enquiries are ongoing. No serious injuries were reported.’

The event took place in the same town where a three-year-old boy was recently killed by a dog after being mauled by it.

Less than four miles from this incident, on May 15, this year, Daniel Twigg was mauled by a dog while playing outside a home in Milnrow.

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