Teacher blogs about using plush animals to teach children about gender fluidity

Teacher blogs about using plush animals to teach children about gender fluidity

A teacher in California wrote on social media about using a “gender-fluid” teddy animal to teach students appropriate pronoun usage.

Skye Tooley is a teacher at Saturn Street Elementary in the Los Angeles Unified School District who uses TikTok. The instructor described themselves as “trans demiboy non-binary.”

The teacher’s philosophies are described on the school’s website. “I work carefully to establish a safe and courageous environment for my pupils. We strive for discomfort, challenge, and communication. “We strive to comprehend our identity, prejudice, and privilege,” stated Tooley.

Tooley talks on TikTok a lesson in which a teacher explained to youngsters the “gender binary” and how there are “many more genders in the cosmos than simply boy and female.” Tooley has advocated using plush animals to teach youngsters pronoun use.

“Behold, a lama unicorn… It was so adorable that I let my children to name the llama unicorn. It was an error. This tiny llama is therefore gender-fluid; we will practice pronouns with it,” Tooley explained.

Gender fluidity refers to the fluctuation of an individual’s gender expression, gender identity, or both throughout time.

“[Children] are far more accepting than adults when it comes to discussing these themes and talking about gender, gender assumptions, pronouns, and everything else. And it’s developmentally and age-appropriate,” the instructor added.

Skye Tooley taught her kids how to utilize pronouns when referring to stuffed animals.

Tooley gave a second instance of a stuffed animal using they/them pronouns.

“I initiated a discussion [with pupils] on Norbert the Narwhal… person utilizes they/them pronouns, and we practice making and correcting errors with their pronouns.”

Tooley reported that Saturn Street Elementary has a “rainbow club” that the third-grade teacher planned to create.

“The rainbow club is essentially a basic GSA… A nice aspect of the rainbow club is discussing different identities, discussing who we are, and discussing how to help the LGBTQ+ community. “Students may not be necessarily out, but they are eager to learn and assist others,” added the instructor.

Skye Tooley, a third-grade teacher, plans to launch the school’s “rainbow club” for third-graders.

Fox News Digital reached out to the principal for comment, asking if parents’ consent was sought before inviting pupils into the group, but did not receive a response immediately.

The instructor noted that classroom topics involve analyzing how “power dynamics leads… to the gender binary… I found that so many of my pupils already had a poor view of themselves, their bodies, and their gender.

All of this is to imply that the gender binary harms us on a daily basis. Few individuals acquire power through it. Everyone else attempts to adhere to societal norms. We’re already observing that this injury begins at an early age,” added Tooley.

Tooley stated that the conversations were “developmentally appropriate and an integral part of our curriculum” since “we know our gender and sexuality at an early age.”

The teacher then criticized elementary school teachers for failing to impart gender ideology to students.

Tooley stated, “Educators on the primary level will say, ‘Well, I can’t teach LGBTQ+ because the students are not ready…. Our kids … are queer. They are inquiring and speculating. They desire to view this. You should just address it so that people are aware of how to demonstrate respect and empathy.”


»Teacher blogs about using plush animals to teach children about gender fluidity«

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