Taylor Lorenz defends China’s ‘zero COVID’ lockdowns, criticizes US

Taylor Lorenz defends China’s ‘zero COVID’ lockdowns, criticizes US

Taylor Lorenz, a reporter for the Washington Post, is once again stirring up controversy, this time by appearing to justify the Chinese government’s strict COVID-19 lockdowns, which have imprisoned millions to their homes and sparked violent demonstrations.

Lorenz wrote a tweet last week in response to her employer’s Twitter link to an article that investigates the repercussions of Beijing’s “zero COVID” approach, which aims to eradicate all coronavirus cases as opposed to containing outbreaks and treating symptoms.

The Post’s headline stated, “A coronavirus outbreak on the cusp of becoming China’s largest of the epidemic has exposed a major shortcoming in Beijing’s ‘zero COVID’ strategy: a broad populace lacking natural immunity.”

Lorenz, who has attacked the United States government for removing virus mitigation measures and who is frequently seen in public wearing a mask owing to a medical condition that puts her at danger, slammed her own newspaper.

“Choosing not to eliminate millions of vulnerable people (as the United States is doing) is hardly a ‘major error,'” tweeted Lorenz.

Lorenz tweeted a critique of a piece authored by Washington Post coworkers.
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Lorenz said, “there is no lasting ‘natural immunity’ to COVID.” “It is possible to contract covid repeatedly since there are so many strains that are always developing and antibodies diminish with time.”

The Post has reached out to Lorenz, whose comments have gone viral, for comment. She was widely accused of favoring the Chinese government’s stringent procedures, including lockdowns, mass testing, and compulsory quarantine of anyone exposed to the virus.

China’s regulations and the concurrent surge in COVID cases have severely harmed the national economy, causing manufacturing slowdowns that have Wall Street investors anxious.

There is no inherent immunity against COVID. Because there are so many continually developing strains and antibodies diminish, it is possible to contract covid repeatedly. Also, the decision not to exterminate millions of defenseless people (as the United States is doing) is hardly a “fatal defect.” https://t.co/SFx4qocp8o

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Lorenz vehemently refuted on Twitter that she supported the “zero COVID” plan.

She tweeted that “agreeing with forecasts of large-scale, permanent disabilities does not equate to a blanket endorsement of any policy”

Please stop claiming I’ve supported policies I’ve never even spoken about, much less supported!

The “zero COVID” strategy of China has sparked protests across the nation.

Lorenz continued by praising The Washington Post and its health reporters for “some of the finest covid reporting in the industry.”

Lorenz tweeted, “It’s a major reason why I’m so proud to work here.” As a medically fragile individual, I rely on their coverage daily because they are the best in the industry.

This is not the first time Lorenz has publicly chastised a Washington Post colleague over a difference of opinion regarding COVID.

Last month, Lorenz criticized Helaine Olen, a columnist and contributor to the newspaper’s opinion page, for her commentary on a Page Six article describing how known germaphobe Howard Stern exited his “bunker” to eat with friends for the first time since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Olen tweeted, “At some point, we’ll have to start talking about the folks who are still too terrified to leave their houses because of Covid.”

China is experiencing a coronavirus outbreak despite lockdowns and mandatory quarantines.

“I am personally aware of two such instances. This is an unhealthy lifestyle.”

Lorenz answered, “What a ridiculous and insensitive post. There are thousands of deaths per week, millions of crippled people, and no effective anti-infection treatments.”

“Immunocompromised [people] do not deserve condescending comments about being ‘too terrified’ of a virus that can kill or seriously incapacitate us,” the author writes.

What an idiotic and insensitive post. Thousands every week are dying, millions are handicapped, and there are no effective anti-infection medications. People with impaired immune systems do not deserve patronizing remarks about being “too terrified” of a virus that can kill or seriously incapacitate us.

In June, the Washington Post fired political writer Felicia Sonmez for “insubordination” after she openly criticized coworkers and editors for not providing enough support for female employees.

Sonmez was infuriated by the paper’s failure to discipline colleagues who criticized management’s decision to suspend another reporter, Dave Weigel, without pay for retweeting a joke that some deemed sexist.

»Taylor Lorenz defends China’s ‘zero COVID’ lockdowns, criticizes US«

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