Sydney and Melbourne airports urge travellers not to arrive early amid expected Easter and school holiday congestion

Sydney and Melbourne airports urge travellers not to arrive early amid expected Easter and school holiday congestion

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Australia’s Biggest Airports Prepare for Busy Easter Weekend

As Easter long weekend approaches, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide airports expect millions of passengers to pass through their terminals, making it the busiest Easter period since before the pandemic.


According to reports, at least 6.7 million travellers are expected to travel through the airports throughout April, as Easter and school holidays collide.

Despite the rush, the airports have provided varied advice to handle the crowds.

However, all airport representatives agree that passengers should book a car park spot as soon as possible if that is a requirement.

Uber has also reminded customers to pre-book cars to avoid waiting for a ride that never arrives.

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Spokespeople from Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide’s airports have said 6.7 million  passengers are expected through April

Melbourne Airport’s Chief of Aviation, Jim Parashos, advised travellers not to arrive early to overload already busy staff.

Parashos added that they were preparing for 2.1 million people, a 30% increase from the last Easter period, and almost the same levels as before the pandemic.


He suggested travellers arrive 1-2 hours before domestic flights and 2-3 hours before international flights.

Meanwhile, Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert said the airport was preparing for its busiest weekend since 2019, and that crowds had doubled since last year.

As for the airport’s existing guidelines, passengers are advised not to arrive too early to avoid additional pressure on staff, who are still recovering from 2022’s labour shortages.

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On the other hand, Brisbane and Adelaide airports have simply reaffirmed their existing guidelines.

Brisbane Airport expects to see 1.4 million people pass through its terminals over April, but advises passengers to adhere to the pre-existing guidelines.

Adelaide Airport is gearing up for a rush of 800,000 flyers and is advising South Australians to arrive at least 90 minutes before their flight.


As the Easter long weekend and school holidays coincide, Australia’s major airports are preparing for a busy period.

While Melbourne and Sydney are anticipating their busiest weekends since 2019, Brisbane and Adelaide have reaffirmed their existing guidelines to handle the crowds.

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The surge in passenger traffic is due to the easing of restrictions on domestic travel in the country, following Australia’s successful Covid-19 management.

However, despite the excitement of returning to travel, travellers should remain patient and respectful as the airport staff work hard to get them to their destination safely and efficiently.

Passengers are advised to follow existing guidelines, pre-book rides and car park spots to reduce waiting time and overload on airport staff.


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