Switching from Corporate Careers to Adult Entertainment, Stories of Success

Switching from Corporate Careers to Adult Entertainment, Stories of Success

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Many people find that climbing up the corporate ladder can be exhausting work, and some have decided to quit their high-flying jobs and become porn stars instead, raking in cash along the way.


The Daily Star has rounded up four people who have made this switch and have been incredibly successful in doing so.

Here are their stories.

Lucy Banks, a 32-year-old mother of two from Perth, Australia, left her corporate banking job to make adult videos for OnlyFans.

She says that her controversial new job gives her the freedom to be a better parent to her young boys. Lucy was a banker, a job that she first took up at 17 years old, and worked her way up to corporate banking at the age of 21.

Ebony Mystique
Ebony Mystique

Although it was her dream job, she was under a lot of pressure and decided to join the explicit video platform, where she now makes four times the amount she once did.

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Ebony Mystique, from New Haven, USA, is a former nurse who turned into an award-winning porn actress and is now earning a fortune.


The pandemic took a toll on everyone, especially those working in healthcare, which is why Ebony decided to turn her back on the industry.

“I was working countless overtime as a registered nurse, and things were hard,” she said.

“So, I wanted to get into a career that would be fun, give body positivity and autonomy, still pay the bills and then some.

A legendary adult star friend of mine, PinkyXXX, gave me a shot on her platform, and honestly, after the first few scenes that went viral, the rest was history.”

Leo Vice worked in a corporate job until he began as a porn star
Leo Vice worked in a corporate job until he began as a porn star

Leo Vice grew tired of climbing the corporate ladder in the months before the pandemic began.

Now 36, Leo explained on the Pornhub Podcast that he decided to quit his job in his mid-30s to self-produce his own adult movies.

He joined the porn industry after he met two girls on the dating app Tinder, who were advertising that they were looking for a male partner for a porn shoot.

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Cherie DeVille is an award winning porn star
Cherie DeVille is an award winning porn star

After meeting up for dinner, the trio shot the scene together. When Leo was offered a payment deal to leave his corporate job, he took the chance to rent a flat in LA and successfully moved into porn.


Cherie DeVille is a veteran of the adult industry and has won a number of awards for her work.

She revealed that she was working as a physical therapist before she got her big break in porn.

Her familiarity with the human body had helped her get off to a flying start.

“Physical therapists make OK money, but I wanted more, so my side hustle was modeling, like magazine modeling, men’s magazines, all that s***,” she revealed.

Her current agent found her and asked if she would like to do porn. Cherie did some research before realizing that the business was fully legitimate, so decided to take the plunge after ensuring it wouldn’t lead to her losing her physical therapy license.

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She has since become one of the largest names in the industry, winning the AVN award for MILF performer of the year in 2018.


The article presents four individuals who left their corporate jobs to pursue careers in adult entertainment.


They cite their reasons for making the switch, including pressure from their previous jobs and the desire for more freedom and autonomy.

Each person has found success in their new career and has been able to make more money than they did in their previous jobs.

It’s important to note that the decision to enter the adult entertainment industry is a personal one and may not be suitable for everyone.

Additionally, the article does not provide a comprehensive view of the adult entertainment industry and does not address the potential risks and challenges that come with this line of work.


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