Suspect in Football Violence Case Mocked as Lord Voldemort Lookalike: Police Appeal for Identification

Suspect in Football Violence Case Mocked as Lord Voldemort Lookalike: Police Appeal for Identification

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Authorities investigating a case of football-related violence have recently released an unusual photograph of a suspect, leading social media users to humorously compare him to fictional characters such as Lord Voldemort and Nosferatu.


The image, captured from CCTV footage, depicts a ghostly figure with distinct features, including a balding head, dark eyes, and a pointed chin.

South Yorkshire Police shared the photo, seeking information regarding the individual’s involvement in disorder preceding the Sheffield Wednesday versus Plymouth Argyle match in February.

Internet Users Poke Fun at Resemblance:

The intriguing appearance of the suspect in the photo has prompted over 300 comments on social media, with many users playfully highlighting his peculiar features.

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Comparisons to Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, the vampire Nosferatu, and Uncle Fester from The Addams Family were among the lighthearted remarks shared online.

Some remarks expressed surprise at the individual’s appearance, with one user jokingly suggesting that he should turn himself in to prove that he doesn’t actually look as bad as depicted in the photo.

Criticism and Mockery Directed at the Photo:

While the photo garnered significant attention, some social media users criticized the police for using a grainy image that they believed would not lead to a successful identification.

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Mocking the quality of the image, individuals pointed out the technological advancements in surveillance and photography, questioning the police’s choice of such a subpar picture.

Satellites capable of zooming in from space and telescopes with the ability to observe the moon were contrasted with the allegedly outdated Kodak disposable camera used for the image.

Appeal for Identification and Background of the Incident:

South Yorkshire Police have urged the public to assist in identifying the individual captured in the photograph, which was taken on February 4 before the match between Sheffield Wednesday and Plymouth.

According to authorities, clashes occurred at the turnstiles of the away end of Hillsborough Football Stadium.

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Football Intelligence Officers have requested information about the man pictured, as they believe he can provide valuable insights into the disorder that took place.


With the release of a distinctive photograph and subsequent social media attention, the investigation into the football violence incident continues as South Yorkshire Police seek to identify the individual captured in the CCTV image.

Despite the humorous comparisons made online, authorities are hopeful that public assistance will lead to valuable information that can aid their ongoing inquiries into the disorder at Hillsborough Stadium.

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