Surfers Paradise Peppers Soul hotel: Daredevils film themselves on roof top

Surfers Paradise Peppers Soul hotel: Daredevils film themselves on roof top

A bunch of daredevils posted videos of themselves strolling precariously along the roof beams of a 243-meter tower that they unlawfully scaled.

A group of men have filmed themselves performing reckless stunts on top of the 243-metre Peppers Soul building in Surfers Paradise
One video depicts a member of the gang stepping to the very edge of a plank projecting from the Peppers Soul tower in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, and pointing the camera right down at the beach far below.

It is believed that unauthorized usage of the fire escape stairs provided access to the roof, although no arrests have been made as of yet.

A gang of men have recorded themselves engaging in dangerous antics on the 243-foot Peppers Soul skyscraper in Surfers Paradise.

Other images, some of which were captured by a drone, depict the men relaxing after having scaled the buildings atop the roof.

The men opted for T-shirts, shorts, and sandshoes rather than any form of safety equipment or harness.

The 77-story Peppers Soul building is the third-tallest tower on the Gold Coast.The men gained unauthorised access to the Peppers Soul building rooftop by climbing the fire escape stairs

A second video depicted the men performing a similar act on the roof of another towering Peppers Soul building.

The group’s social media stunt was criticized online, with one member stating, “Just plain foolish.”

When things go wrong, they are irresponsible idiots who imperil the lives of emergency people.

The males got unauthorized access to the rooftop of the Peppers Soul building by ascending the fire escape stairs.

“roof-topping” or “roofing” refers to the practice of traversing the roofs of high structures without permission.

Typically, roof-toppers film themselves performing dangerous acts for social media.

In 2017, Wu Yongning, a Chinese guy, fell from a 62-story building after engaging in the dangerous pastime.

Wu was doing a dangerous trick by hanging by one hand from the Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, a city in central China, when he lost his grip and plunged to his death.

The Queensland police stated that they were unaware of the occurrence and that no investigation was currently underway.


»Surfers Paradise Peppers Soul hotel: Daredevils film themselves on roof top«

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